How to Know Which Contacts I Talk to Most on WhatsApp – Find Out Here Easily

As WhatsApp is the most used messaging app today, it is normal for its users to look for the best secret WhatsApp tricks and tips to improve the user experience. If in your particular case what you want is to know with which contact you have been talking the most, stay with us and keep reading to discover How to know which contacts I talk to the most on WhatsApp – Find out here easily.

There are at least two simple ways that do not require external applications to discover which people on your WhatsApp you talk to the most, let’s see both ways.

First method: forward a message

This first method is quite simple and practical, the first thing you should do is enter your WhatsApp and access any conversation and from this select a file or message and click on Forward. When you do this, WhatsApp will automatically show you the three contacts you talk to the most, deducing that you may want to forward the messages to one of these contacts.

So you can see what the three contacts to whom you write the most on WhatsApp, but if you want to have a longer list of contacts with whom you communicate, then the second method is the most indicated for you.

Second method: from data and storage

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To carry out this method, the first thing you should do is access your WhatsApp and then click on Settings, the icon with the three dots located in the upper right corner of the screen. Doing this will take you to the settings or configuration options of the app, where there are several options, but you must select the option Data and storage.

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After this you will access another screen where you can manage options related to WhatsApp storage, where you must select in Storage use, where you can view what or who are you spending your mobile data on from your phone when using WhatsApp.

It is in this option where you will see a list of contacts or groups ordered by the space occupied by each contact or group that you have on your WhatsApp.

As the space that each group / contact occupies is calculated by generally counting both messages and files, to see who you talk to the most you will have to press one by one on each contact or group and then you will see the number of messages sent.

Right there you can also see how many contacts, locations, photos, GIFs, videos, audio messages and documents you have shared with a certain contact or group.

In this way, you will be able to see in more detail who you write to the most on WhatsApp or with which contacts and groups you’ve been having more interaction.

New tricks and secrets of WhatsApp – Tricks 2021

If you want to optimize the way you use WhatsApp this year, we bring you some extra tricks to improve the experience of using WhatsApp in 2021.

Free up space more easily

With the new option implemented by WhatsApp called Storage management, you may be able to see more easily the use of chat storage space to manage WhatsApp multimedia files.

In this way, you will be able to locate the elements you want to delete in WhatsApp much faster and thus have control of the storage space of your mobile.

To get to this section on WhatsApp, you must go to WhatsApp> Settings> Storage and data> Manage storage and from there review and choose the elements to delete.

Moving stickers

If the normal stickers seem great, then you will love the animated or moving stickers which have already arrived on WhatsApp and downloading them is very easy. You only have to access a WhatsApp conversation, click on the stickers icon and then in el + button, the sticker library will open in which you will see the sticker packages that you can download.

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If you see that none of these packages have a play icon on one side, they are moving stickers that you can download to use.

Block conversations

To make your WhatsApp more secure you can block WhatsApp with fingerprint, face or PIN to activate you must go to WhatsApp> Settings> Account> Privacy> Screen lock and activate the lock of your choice.

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