How to know which is the fastest and most stable PC?

We have heard many times the phrase «My pc is it better or faster than yours”, but today these words are not enough.

To verify this, it is necessary to resort to some application put to proof the components of your computer, these programs are called benchmarks.

There are different types of tests, from cinema tests to real game tests. Below I show you some of the recommended applications for this in Windows and so you can check the power of your team and stability.

He is one of the pioneers and more classics, this program will perform a bunch of graphical tests and calculate a final score (in 3DMarks) that you can compare with other users.

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It is focused on the performance of the graphics, memory and processor, it can be found in a version free (more limited but functional).


A great alternative, compatible with DirectX 11 that will load 26 scenes and will measure the frames per second showing the maximum and minimum scores achieved.


This test draw a hairy torus Against a background of volcanoes, rendering hair is one of the most difficult tasks a 3D card can face.


Is rich in options, it will show the temperature of the equipment as the test progresses and a final score. If your PC crashes, don’t be surprised, it will soon return to normal.


If you want to try the film performance of your machine this program will test very powerful 3D scenes.

Is gratuitous and cross-platform, it will test the performance of the graphics and the processor. Perfect for 3D and video editing professionals.


And those who don’t believe in tests will be able to resort to several game demos that incorporate good tests to really test the performance of the games, you can find perfect ones at Resident Evil 5 Benchmark or in Lost Planet PC Benchmark.


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