How to know who has read my messages in a WhatsApp group and at what time?

One of the functions that has been very successful in WhatsApp is the option to create and join chat groups; and surely you are part of one or more groups. In this post we will teach you a trick that will be useful when you are part of a group, How to know who has read my messages in a WhatsApp group and at what time?

How do I know who has read my messages in WhatsApp groups and at what time?

When you send a message to one of your contacts, it is easy to know if that person read your text, since two blue marks (check or popcorn) appear next to the message, but this does not work in the same way when you are part of a group; because those two marks will appear in blue only when all members have read the message.

However, there is an option that allows you to know who has read the messages of the WhatsApp groups that you have published, here we will tell you what to do step by step.

  1. Open your WhatsApp application.
  2. When you are in the chat window; select the group in which you want to follow these steps.
  3. make a long touch on the message that you sent (you cannot choose several messages at the same time, because this function will not be activated when there are several messages selected).
  4. The selected message should be highlighted with a blue stripe; this will tell you that it was selected correctly.
  5. Now you must go to the upper right corner and click on the three points in vertical position, that is, in the «Settings» option (menu).whatsapp icon
  6. A small menu will be displayed in which you must select «Info».
  7. You will immediately see two sections at the bottom, called «Seen by» and «Delivered to». (Sometimes only one section will appear)
  8. On «Seen by» You will see the name and profile photo of the users who have already read your message; It will also indicate the time in which the person read the message.
  9. In the «Delivered to» section you will see the list of those people who have the message on their mobiles but have not yet opened the chat group.

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You can only do these steps with the messages that you have sent to the group; You cannot follow these steps with messages that other members of the group have sent, because the options that the application will show you will be different.

Other tricks that you can implement when you are a member of a WhatsApp group

A WhatsApp group is used to communicate with your contacts, share information or have fun with a group of people in particular. For this reason, groups of chats with family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, class or with people with whom you share a common goal.

Surely you are part of a group; so that we will show you some tricks that will be very useful when you are part of a WhatsApp group.

Mute notifications from WhatsApp groups without leaving: If you participate in a group where you send a large number of messages daily, the number of notifications that reach your device can become overwhelming; the solution is not to leave the group, you just have to mute the group.

whatsapp messenger

To silence notifications enter the group> Click on the three vertical points which are in the upper right corner> Select «Mute notifications».

Address someone a specific message: When participating in a group where there are a large number of participants, it is difficult to know to whom a message is directed; but there is a trick that will allow you to direct messages to a specific participant.

The trick is to add an @ to the text you want to send and immediately a list will appear with the participants of the group, select the person to whom that text is addressed. You can mention one or more participants in the same text, you just have to add an @ to each participant you want to mention.

When you mention someone in a text, that person will receive a notification on their device indicating that they have been mentioned in a message. Now, if you want to know other secret WhatsApp tips and tricks, then we recommend that you click here.

The WhatsApp application has revolutionized the way we communicate, so if you use this application from your computer or mobile device, enjoy the advantages offered by being part of a chat group.

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