How to Know Who Unfollowed Me on Instagram?

Social networks have become a fundamental part of our lives, as they are used by people around the world. In these times, the so-called influencers are people whose social networks especially InstagramThey have exploded with followers, who every day are attentive to their publications, recommendations or talks.

Depending on the structure of your profile and the way in which you decide to carry out the dynamics of your followers, it is possible that at some point instead of gaining followers you begin to lose them.

However, it is possible that you can have a fixed count on your followers and with it, have a daily record to be able to know whether or not you have lost any significant number of followers within this social network.

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Instagram offers its followers and users different functionalities, designed in such a way that we can all have complete control over our personal profile or business.

The same as Facebook, Instagram has the option of being able to show different graphs which help you to know the positioning that your Instagram page has. These graphs, in addition to notifying you about the status of your followers, help you with the distribution of the audience, teaching you important factors such as age, sex, country, mother tongue, etc.

However, some of the best options you can take when it comes to tracking your followers are: websites which offer you different options of use. And that’s exactly what we want to talk about today, read on to find out more.

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Using the Followers Tracker Pro app for iOS

If you have an iOS device, this is one of the best applications you can buy. There are several reasons why it is one of the leading applications at the moment. It allows you to access various tools, which help you with the management and analysis of your Instagram profile.

In this way, you will be able to know which is your publication that attracts your users much more, likewise, it describes various data of interest about the messages that you must place in the caption of the same.

This application has a clean interface, as well as intuitive, which helps you keep a clear record of your progress and uses within the page and all this from a free and easy-to-use platform.

With the single touch of the followers tab you can have access to a special panel to be able to immediately identify all those followers that you have obtained new ones or even those that you have been able to lose.

Follow Cop the best application for Android

If, on the other hand, you have an Android device, it is best to use Follow Cop. This is an application, designed in a special way to be able to know which of our followers have stopped following us and likewise, to know the growth of our page.

We will have information valuable at our fingertips and all in the comfort of our Android mobile. Likewise, this application allows you to know which are the variables that are mainly part of the movement of users on our publications.

In this way we can study the interactions of users with our Instagram profile and what is the best way to make it grow.

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Changes you might see in your profile from the company

Although everything on Instagram is based on the numbers and influences that are handled there, the company is aware of the damage that this can cause in the long term. The mobile application is looking for a way in which it can start to permanently hide the «I like it» of the publications.

In this way, users focus more on the photos, the experience and that of the same and less on the «popularity» that this can generate. Although some do not make sense of this, psychologists around the world applaud the initiative and hope that it will soon take effect.

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