How to Know Who Writes or Sends Me a Message on Tellonym – Quick and Easy

Tellonym has been one of the most interesting proposals in recent years in terms of messaging applications. Everyone knows that the field of instant messaging applications is a difficult one.

Especially before the existence of consecrated programs like WhatsApp or Telegram. More than one has wondered:how to know who writes or sends me a message on Tellonym? You will find the answer here.

Dare to know this striking application that has captured the attention of a large number of users. All the information you need about Tellonym you will find here!

What is Tellonym?

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To speak of Tellonym is to refer to a peculiar instant messaging app. What is it that makes this software so eye-catching? What is an anonymous messaging platform.

tellonym messaging app

This has aroused the curiosity of an extraordinary number of users, especially teenagers. Users receive messages, which are called «Tells». The sent message cannot be viewed by anyone else unless the receiving user decides to reply. However, the identification of the sender of the message will remain unknown.

Installing the app

Tellonym is available for Android and iOS devices. Its premiere was in 2016, and currently it already exceeds 10 million downloads. The evaluation has been highly positive, with 4.5 / 5.

Its weight is barely 47 MBSo, if you have trouble installing it, you may want to know how to move an application to an SD card. Do you have memory on your phone but the app store won’t let you install Tellonym? You should remove the pre-installed Android apps with KingRoot.

Parental controls

This app also has triggered the alarms of many parents, because they know the risks that anonymous messages represent. It is not the first platform that has worked under this modality.

The concern is well justified. The results of previous platforms have become truly worrying. Harassment messages, bullying and sexting are usually very frequent. Thus, adolescents can be exposed practically unnecessarily.

Fortunately, Tellonym has custom tools to help you set parental control. They may not help us know who is texting or texting me on Tellonym, but they are important. Through the tools that this application offers, it is possible to:

  • Perform a word filter.
  • Configure the account to receive messages only from users who are registered on the platform.
  • Report messages.
  • Set preferences regarding the language of the messages you want to display.
  • Make use of different locking mechanisms.
  • Delete the account.

Know who is sending messages on Tellonym

The curiosity to know who writes or sends me a message in Tellonym is something quite frequent. Unfortunately, this social network does not establish parameters or mechanisms through which you can identify the sender of the message.

anonymous messaging tellonym

There are probably applications that offer you the ability to identify a user. Nevertheless, It is a practice that is not recommended at all. They are usually malicious applications that could steal personal information.

What to do in these cases?

If you have been receiving messages of harassment or abuse and want to try identify the person who is sending it, You must activate your detective instincts! If you think they are close to you, these tips might help you figure out who they are:

  • Analyze the writing of that user.
  • Identify expressions that are familiar to you.
  • Study the conditions or situations raised in the message. Since it may be something that you have only told a couple of people.

It is very likely that, by collecting this type of information, you will discover who is sending the messages. For now, it is the most effective way to know who is writing or sending me a message on Tellonym.

Would you dare to try it?

Anonymity can be fun sometimes… not all users are bad. Some simply use these tools to make comments that are really funny or curious.

Remember, if you have used KingRoot to install Tellonym and you don’t need it anymore, you can remove or completely remove KingRoot from your phone. Go ahead and enjoy one of the applications that are all the rage on the networks! Along with the app to change your face for that of a famous person.

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