How to Learn Microsoft Dynamics AX, Where to Start, Courses and Guides

Learn about the correct management of the distribution of goods and services It is essential especially if your company handles a large volume of products.

One of the software most used for this task is the Microsoft Dynamics AX Thanks to the fact that this Program offers the best tools for you to manage your company’s resources.

However, this program may seem complicated, but nothing is further from reality since with the necessary knowledge you will be able to get the most out of Dynamics AX quickly.

So pay careful attention to the tips that we are going to show you in this article that we have prepared to understand this program. You will see that after you finish reading you will be able to use all the functions of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

What is Dynamics AX?

The first thing you should know to be able to use this program is its history, this will give you a further framework extensive information and it will help you later when you go to use this program.

The history of this program is curious, the first company that developed this program was called Damgaard A / S under the name Axapta, but in 2002 this company merged with Navision Software A / S and this program underwent slight changes to later be bought by Microsoft for $ 11 million.

The development of this Software is carried out thanks to its own integrated development environment where various functions and tools act as a debugger.

This Software is one of the best programs for large companies, providing them with a flexible ERP solution prepared to help you grow your business. In this world market that does not stop fluctuating, Dynamics AX will make it easier for you to consolidate your business, grow steadily, standardize processes and many other things.

So learn how to use this tool as soon as possible so that you can count on all these benefits that this program will bring to your business. You just have to follow the guides that we will provide you in our article so that you learn to use it as soon as possible in a simple way.

Guides for using Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX for pc

The existing guides to learn how to use this program are abundant and very well explained, so you only have to read them to become an expert using this program. You will see that it will not be difficult at all, these guides will explain from the simplest to do to the most complex clearly and precisely.

Development in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

This great book is one of the most complete guides in Spanish I have illustrated that you can find on the web where it will be explained in detail how to use the Dynamics AX program in a simple and complete way.

You can buy this book from the Amazon store with a fairly reasonable price so don’t wait any longer and buy it so you can learn how to use this program as soon as possible.

Morph IT, Steen Andreasen, 2006

This other free guide is very good for all those who need a base to learn how to use the basic functions of the program and continue on their own later.

You can find in the web this book quickly by typing its name in the search engine and you will see that after reading it you will understand very well how this program is used.

Inside Microsoft Dynamics ™ AX 2006, 2009 and 2014

This series of books is very useful because they teach you in detail each characteristic of the program in a schematic and very well explained. Each volume focuses on specific characteristics that together make the teaching delivered to you of high quality.

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