How to Limit Google Searches to a Single Domain Easily

It is very true that Google helps us a lot with internet searches, since we can achieve almost anything. However, there are times when it is necessary to rewrite what we are looking for a couple of times until we find the result we want.

This can cause us to lose some valuable time. However, you’ll be glad to know that learning a few tricks will make your searches easier and more accurate. You can achieve this by limiting the google searches How to do it? Stick around and we’ll show you easily.

How to limit Google searches on a single domain?

You should know that there is more than one way to make your searches more precise, this time we will show you some of them and we will use the Fortnite search example. We also inform you that Google is not limited only to searching a domain, you can also change the Google search engine to another country.

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Search specific sites or domains

Let’s take as an example that you are looking for certain information, but you want limit search to blog See how it is done, in this case, you can put the keyword of the ones you are looking for and then you must add the operator or site command.

Now, let’s assume that what you want to look for is information about Fortnite. To carry out the method that we have just shown you, you must write in the Google search engine Fortnite site: and click Enter.

By placing it in this way in the search engine, you will see that all the results will be limited to the information that this page has, in this case about Fortnite.

Search with a specific word or phrase

You can just type the keyword or phrase in the search engine, however, the trick that we will show you is to type the phrase, but in quotes. This will make your search more specific.

Let’s take as an example that you are going to look for an analysis about Fortnite, if you place it as is, in the search engine, you will see more than 21,000,000 results. Now try writing Fortnite Analysis in quotes and you will notice that you will have only 139,000 results. Much less than at the beginning. You can also search and find a specific URL on Google.

Excluding sites or words

As well as you can search in specific sites the results of your searches, you can also exclude certain results. You simply have to place a hyphen between the word or the operator. This is especially useful if there is more than one thing related to the specific word.

Let’s take as an example that you are looking for information about an animal, in this case the jaguar. To limit searches to animal and that as a result the cars of this brand do not come out, then you must write in the Jaguar -car search engine, you will see that the results are only about this animal.

What if you don’t remember the phrase or a specific search site well?

Don’t worry, we also bring you tricks for these cases specific. In case you need to search for a phrase about something, like a song, for example, and you cannot remember the entire phrase of that song, you can use an asterisk to fill in what you do not remember.

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For example, suppose you are looking for a song by Pablo Alborán but you only remember part of the letter, you can put in the search engine. It is not necessary that the look. By doing so you will notice that Google completes the song and gives you the expected results. In the same way you can change the search engine of Google Chrome in Android.

What if the problem is that you already got the expected results and you want to read it again, but it has disappeared since you visited the page?

Google can also help you in this case by using the cache, however, it is important to remember that not all web pages stay there forever.

In this case you should use the address bar and not the search bar. You must write cache: before write url and then click Enter. It is not completely safe, but you have the possibility that Google has saved a cache version of this page, in this way you can read the previous results again.

Just remember that Google is gradually clearing the cache, so the pages are not there forever. Therefore, it is possible that this website you are looking for is no longer among the Google cache. However, you can learn to use and do advanced searches with the Google browser tool to have more satisfactory results.

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