How to Listen to Amazon Prime Music Free From the Mobile App or PC (Example)

Amazon is the most successful online store in the world, it has a great diversity of products and services on-line. Amazon Prime currently highlights a service that includes several applications; one of them is a music platform. Did you know that you can listen to Amazon Prime Music for free from the mobile App or the PC?

What is the Amazon Prime service?

Amazon Prime is a subscription that contains various services. Your payment can be annual for € 36, or monthly for € 4.99. You will have to register on its official page and pay for the membership, so you can log into your Amazon account in Spanish, and enjoy its 8 services.

Fast delivery service: This was the first service that Amazon Prime offered in its beginnings; Affiliates have a higher priority in how quickly product deliveries are made, as well as not having an additional cost (free), no matter how much is purchased.

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Amazon Prime Video: It is a platform to watch series and movies online from Amazon; some of them exclusive to Amazon, known as “Originals”. They can be accessed on all kinds of devices; from a browser or with the App for iPhone, Android or Fire devices.

Amazon Prime Music: A music platform with more than 2 million songs; plus a large number of ad-free playlists. It also allows you to stream music and download it for offline listening.

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Twitch Prime Service: Amazon’s streaming platform for gamers, which connects to Twitch (the YouTube of video games) and where you can get content about games (live games, tips and opinions); in addition to gaining improvements and much more.

Amazon Photos: A service to store an unlimited amount of photos (similar to Google Photos); All the albums you make will be saved in Amazon Drive and can be accessed from any device.

Prime Reading Service: A platform of thousands of eBooks, on the topics of your preference; to be accessed from Amazon’s Kindle reading tablets, but also from an App for both iOS and Android devices.

Priority in Flash Offers: An exclusive benefit of Amazon Prime accounts. Where you will have priority to have access to Flash Offers 30 minutes in advance; before the rest of the customers, in the purchases of the store.

Search Prime Service: Another benefit of the Amazon Prime account, since it marks a large number of products (more than 2 million) with the Prime logo; which means that they are fast delivery products (24 hours) and completely free.

What are the benefits of Amazon Prime Music and in which countries is it available?

Amazon Prime Music is Amazon’s online music platform. It does not contain ads, you can listen to your favorite songs without connecting to the internet; It also allows you to listen to 40 hours of music a month, from a catalog of millions of songs.

If you have an Echo speaker, you can hear the song you want using voice commands for Alexa. You can too listen to your songs on any device you have: iPhone or Android phones, tablets, iPad, Fire, among others.

Amazon Prime Music not available in all countries. It is currently operating in: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, India, Japan, Australia, Mexico and Brazil.

How to listen to Amazon Prime Music for free from the mobile App or the PC?

You can enjoy Amazon Prime Music for free from the mobile App or your computer, if you join this service right now. Right now, Amazon offers you a 30 day trial period at no cost.

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An alternative not free, but cheaper is the Amazon Prime Student subscription; where students who are enrolled in accredited universals, will be able to pay half the cost for 6 months, and various Amazon Prime Music discounts and other services.

We hope that the information in this post has been useful, so that enjoy your music now favorite. An interesting news, which is worth sharing with all your family and friends.

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