How to Listen to Apple Music From Any Browser on My PC Easily

With Apple Music we can count on a library containing a large amount of music to choose and enjoy. We might think that we will only access it from the mobile phone or only on a PC with the iOS operating system. But did you know that we can hear Apple Music from any browser on our computer? Well, this is not complicated and we are going to show you below.

And it is that moving to the rhythm of music is definitely one of the favorite activities that human beings have. And although we are one of those who dance a little, we could enjoy a quite enjoyable time with just listen to the melody of a song.

The radio, the computer, the Android or mobile devices now with mp3s, are faithful friends to play the music of our choice that we can listen to whenever we want.

Having an Apple ID is a fundamental requirement

Surely you are already a user of an iOS device, either iPad or iPhone, and you have already used these accounts to access Apple Music from your mobile.

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If so, you already have this basic requirement to enter any browser, Chrome, Edge, Firefox or other, and use the music library. Otherwise, you must create an Apple ID by going to the website

apple music logging in

At the top right of this page, you will see a blue button that says «Log in». By pressing it we will have the space to write down our Apple ID or as it says below, create a new one.

By clicking on this section we must click on «Continue» in an Apple Music window and privacy. Next, we empty our data: name, surname, date of birth; and after accepting the terms and services, we give «Continue».

Now we are asked a email which will be our Apple ID and the password that we will use. We will have the option to choose whether we want information to be sent to us in the mail about Apple announcements and recommendations. When this happens, we will enter the verification code that they send us to the mail to continue with the creation of the Apple ID.

Once this is done, we will have in front of the window to enter the payment method where we will write the credit card information and the billing address. It is to remember that the service offered by Apple Music has a cost monthly. After the rest of the processes that follow, we will have created our Apple ID that we will use to access the service.

When accessing the website or a browser on your computer to listen to Apple Music, we log in with the ID we have or created and our password. Automatically music will be at our disposal found in the Apple Music library and we can play any music content available at the time.

listening to apple music from a pc

The interface it uses is very easy to handle. We will have the play, pause, stop, forward and back buttons along with a playback time bar.

This web version of Apple Music is currently on beta phase development, but its operation is very good and is very operational. The only thing that could happen is that, from time to time, an error message appears that will not be a reason to worry.

Thanks to this possibility of listening to Apple Music using any browser from our PC, we will have a good tool at hand; although you can also access your favorite music from your own Android device.

All this without having the need to install any external program from another platform. We have explained in this post how you can do it and you will have noticed that it really is a very easy task. Let us know your opinion by writing your comment.

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