How to Listen to WhatsApp Audios or Voice Notes Faster or Slower with Talk Faster

With Talk Faster, but what is Talk Faster? we go before answering that question we must first know the details, Talk Faster, which means in Spanish «Speak Faster», is an application or App that examines WhatsApp audios. Although it is called «Speak faster» you can also hear WhatsApp voice messages more slowly.

Yes OK, Talk Faster is a free external application, to enter it, we must do it through WhatsApp. Talk Faster can only be used through two operating systems such as: Android and iOS.

It should be noted that «Speak Faster» works in the same way in the two aforementioned operating systems, this application is excellent because it does not have ads nor does it take up much space in the memory of your mobile device. Outside of WhatsApp, Talk Faster, there are other applications with the same operation, but if these are not free, these if you have to pay for them.

What is WhatsApp and what is this application for?

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Having already talked about the Talk Faster, let’s get to know a little more about what WhatsApp is about, this is an application in which we can send simple messages, free and reliable only for smart devices.

It is one of the most used worldwide, it allows you to communicate with your family and friends from anywhere in the world. There you can also send photos and videos, documents, jobs, you can make calls and video calls with several people, among others.

For this 2021 WhatsApp has new features: WhatsApp Pay, videos, photos, messages that disappear or self-destruct after seven days.

Optionally, it also has videos without sound, saved chats, you can start a meeting through various devices, among other functions. These are the new WhatsApp functions for this year 2021, so you have to learn how to get the most out of it.

WhatsApp whose meaning is “What’s up? What happened? What’s up? How’s it going?» It was created by the Ukrainian Jan Koum. Later, in mid-2014, it was bought by the Facebook company, after your purchase you could already make video calls.

Another great feature that this communication program has is that you can send voice notes. You can also configure WhatsApp with iOS and Android since it works for both platforms.

Many times because we are busy either from work or daily chores, it is difficult for us to write messages, that is where the send the voice memos as it is faster and easier.

whatsapp send voice notes

But unfortunately there are people, friends or family who speak too fast, they speak too slowly, or there is too much silenceThis can cause great stress, especially if you are in a hurry to know something and the person does not get to the point.

How to listen to WhatsApp audios or voice notes faster or slower with Talk Faster?

Here we present these tips to do so that you can start listening to your voice notes fast or slow from now on.

talk faster app you can control the speed of your voice memo

  1. It is important and essential to install or download the Talk Faster application, when you have done it, we proceed to start, to install it, enter the Android or Google Play applications, go to the required application and press install.
  2. On the screen of your cell phone you will see the guide sent by the Talk Faster application, proceed to accept the permissions and the tutorial.
  3. You do not need to read the permissions and the tutorial, proceed to close the application and enter WhatsApp.
  4. On WhatsApp go to the voice note that you will put fast or slow and press it until it is selected.
  5. On top of the WhatsApp are some options to convert your message, hit the button that says share. You will see different applications that your electronic device has, logically you must select the Talk Faster option.
  6. This Talk Faster application will open and immediately begin to play the voice memo you just selected.
  7. Options will appear, you must choose according to the degree of speed you want to hear your voice memo. The speed options that appear are the following: X0.75, X1.00, X1.25, X1.50 (the automatic one), X1.75 and X.2.00.

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