How to Load AMP Web Pages From My PC with Chrome Extensions

The format of AMP web pages It has been a way to speed up Internet browsing in a remarkable way. However, this format can only be run from mobile devices, not PC, unless an extension is used.

Opening pages in AMP format allows you to consume less browsing data, which is a very big benefit. It allows to have a much lighter experience compared to other platforms or web pages that consume a lot of essential content.

Learn in See how to install extensions in Chrome that will allow you to visit web pages with AMP format.

As we have mentioned before, computers and laptops cannot load web pages made under the AMP format. However, it can be achieved that Chrome manages to enter them using an extension that allows compatibility between them.

It is a free extension called AMP Browser Extension, available in the Chrome extension store. With this addition, web pages in this format will be able to load quickly on any desktop and also notebook computers.

It is very easy to add it to our Google Chrome Extensions list, as it is an official element of the browser. You do not have to search web pages to download it, which guarantees complete virtual security for the user.

We can enter the Google Chrome Store from the Extensions option of the menu that this particular browser has. It is located in the upper right part, right next to the bar that shows the web addresses.

extension options example

As the image shows, it is also possible to enter the extensions option directly, which has the puzzle symbol. There we can enter the Extensions window, where those that we already have installed and other configuration options will appear.

From the puzzle piece icon, we must select the option of Manage extensions, to enter the mentioned window. Then, we select the 3-line symbol located at the top left, and then click on Open Chrome Web Store.

There we would enter the Google Chrome store, and in the search engine we write AMP Browser Extension and select Enter. When we find it, we select the option of Add to Chrome, which will make it download and install quickly.

You don’t need to do anything else, as the extension works automatically when it detects web pages with AMP.

Like the AMP Browser Extension, there are many others that allow you to add specific functionalities to this browser. In the Chrome Web Store there are many of them, which you can choose according to your tastes and what you need.

One feature to be aware of is that extensions may become damaged or corrupt. However, there is a workaround for this, which allows you to use these items and take action in the event of errors.

You can repeat this same procedure for searching and installing extensions with all the ones you want to add to the browser. The steps are simple, which makes you can configure your Internet experience the best you can and want.

google chrome logos

You can activate the extensions menu as many times as you want, since Google Chrome is a simple browser to use. Because is one of the most common for users who use the Internet, characterized by its great speed when working.

You have to be very careful that do not overload the browser with extensions that do not help us navigate. When we have many extensions, the operation of the browser can be hindered and fail in many cases where we need it most.

You also have to pay attention to the duration of operation of extensions, since some are disabled at the time. In case this happens, we can proceed to delete them, because they would occupy a necessary space within the corresponding memory.

You can consult other articles in See how it is done about the extensions of Google Chrome and its usefulness on the Internet. There we will explain in detail the different functionalities that exist in them and the benefits that can be achieved by using them.

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