How to locate a deed to my property or house and obtain a copy if I have lost it or do not have it

One of the benefits of buying an apartment, house or any property instead of renting it is that in addition to being one of the best options to invest your money, you will be able to have access to the property deeds. But, if you have lost this invaluable document, you need to continue reading the How locate a deed to my property or house and obtain a copy if I have lost it or do not have it.

How to locate a deed to my property or house and obtain a copy if I have lost it or do not have it

It is well known that when the deed of a house or other property is signed, the notary delivers a copy of the document, but that it has the same validity as the original document.

So, obviously the first thing to do to recover the title deed to your property is go to the Notary, as if the property belonged to a relative who has passed away and you do not know where the deed of the house is.

It is interesting and even beneficial that in fact, the original property deed is in the custody of the Notary, in order to protect it from manipulations and forgeries.

This is something advantageous because as the responsibility of the notaries is to have the original deed under their protection, providing legal security to the owners, since whenever they need it they can request a copy.

How should I request the deeds that I have lost?

To obtain a copy of the deeds that you have lost, all you will have to do is go to the notary who formalized the property purchase process, facilitate the protocol date and the date of signature.

notary sign stamp copies of property deeds

Done in this way, it is easier for the notary to quickly locate the deeds of your property or house and give you a copy of those documents. When you are at the Notary, then you can request two different types of copies of the deeds: the first is the authorized copy, which has the same validity as the original because it has the signature of the notary.

The other type of copy is the simple copy, which does not have the same value as the original deed because it does not have the signature of the notary, but in the same way it serves to carry out various procedures without problems.

One aspect worth noting is that licensed copy and plain copy differ in price, where in licensed copy, the price of it will depend on how long the document is. It also depends on the age of the document, as some notaries charge an additional fee annually for keeping documents that are many years old.

Disadvantages when requesting a copy of the deeds of a property

I lost the deeds to my property and I don’t remember when I signed it

If you read well what we mentioned a few paragraphs ago, to obtain a copy of the deeds from the notary you must provide the date on which you signed the document.

In case you do not remember when you signed it, you have at least two options that will help you solve this great problem:

  • If the deed is registered in the Property registrationYou will only have to ask for a simple copy, since it says on what date you signed it and who was the notary who was there during the process. To obtain this copy, you can do it by going to the Property Registry in person, which is cheaper or by doing the procedure online, which is more expensive but more convenient.

Notary public request copy of property deeds

  • If the deed was not registered in the Property Registry, it makes the process difficult, because the Notary’s Office implements an inventory system and uses an inventory control system where without the exact date you signed it is almost impossible for the notary to find it; the only thing you could do is facilitate a approximate date that you remember.

I lost the deeds and the notary no longer works at the Notary’s Office

If the notary who guarded your deeds is no longer at the Notary or does not work there anymore, don’t worry, your documents are safe because they stay at the Notary where you signed them and you are only assigned another notary.

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