How to Locate, Lock and Prevent a Stolen Android Mobile from Turning Off

In today’s article we will talk about, How to locate, block and prevent them from turning off an Android mobile that was stolen. Despite the fact that over the years there are more cell phones at a lower price, they are developing some being of high value, causing them to be compared to that of jewelry value. This value makes several thieves want to steal our phone, because it is also a good that in the digital age we have to charge yes or yes.

Being small in size, it is usually quite difficult to identify who stole it. It is precisely because of this small size that there are several methods used to steal phones, being the most common worldwide tickling, where cautiously in a public space, a person is about to take the cell phone from our pockets while we are not attentive, causing us not to report at the moment and we realize it too late.

This problem has been present since phones began to be marketed, even before with other products. Unlike other products, smartphones have been increasing their ability to block devices that have been stolen, decreasing a thief’s enjoyment of stolen equipmentYou can even locate a device that has been stolen from google applications, and block the SIM card to avoid billing in calls.

Having this introduction, we can go fully to the main topic of this article, observing the ways we have to locate, block andavoid turning off a phone that was stolen. Each of the methods that we will talk about are oriented for phones with Android operating system.

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How can I locate, block and prevent a stolen Android mobile from being turned off?

The android operating system is one of the most used in mobile devices, working both on phones and tablets. This is important to know, because this means that We can apply these steps with any Android device if we want. Most of the actions that we can use to recover our phone, have to be applied before we suffer the theft, so we will talk about each method, so that you have time to do it in advance.

How do I locate my phone?

The first function that Android offers us with Google services is the location of the phone. As we mentioned before, in order to use this function we must take actions in advance, for which we must keep the location active on our phone. Notably if we do not activate the location we will not be able to locate the phone later.

To locate our stolen device we have to enter “find your phone” from Google, where it will show us a location where our phone is located.

How to lock my phone?

To block our stolen phone or device, we can do it from the “find your phone” page where we have the option to block and delete our data, protecting whoever has our phone do not have access to our personal information.

By locking the phone, Google gives us the option to add a number or a message on the screen. In case of deleting our data, it is possible that we have saved it on the SD card, it does not appear. We will not be able to access our phone again if we choose to erase the data on it.

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Our telephone you must be connected to the internet and have an active Google account, if you do not comply with these steps, we will not be able to block it. We mention these requirements to be prepared regarding strengthening the security of our phone, which we can easily improve in a matter of minutes.

How do I prevent my mobile phone from being stolen?

It is common that when we hear that a close person had their phone stolen, we turn on the alarms and be more attentive on the street asking ourselves, How do I prevent my phone from being stolen? The answer to this question is not a, but nevertheless there are tips that we can follow to reduce the risk.

First of all, we must try not to show our phone in such a showy way, hold and position our phone well to avoid a tickle, and be alert in crowded places, where it’s easier for thieves to get lost in the crowd. In case your phone has been turned off, you may be interested to know that a mobile can be tracked when it is turned off, with tips and tricks to find it.

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