How To Locate The English Cut That Is Closest To Me Where Is The Nearest English Cut?

Have you heard of The English Court? Its story about who founded it is impressive, it is one of the largest distribution chains. It is made up of shops, stores or supermarkets, where you can find items for the home, for pets; appliances, food, footwear and much more.

There are many stores, you would be surprised! The El Corte Inglés Group it is located throughout the Spanish territory. So knowing which of them is close to you will save you a lot of time when buying. If you want to know about their stores, then we will show you how to locate El Corte Inglés that is closer from you, let’s get started!

How to Find the El Corte Inglés that is Closest to Me Where is the El Corte Inglés Nearest?

How to find El Corte Inglés that is closest to me

El Corte Inglés has its website, through this you can make online purchases, find out about discounts and promotions. It is a page where customers and interested parties are allowed to know corporate information and significant achievements of this company. This page also has a section where you can locate the closest stores and its steps are simple.

  • Once you are on the El Corte Inglés website, in the homepage You can find several options, including the one that says “Our Stores”. When you see these words you click on it and it will quickly open another window where it shows you the company logo.

  searching from the computer on the internet

  • Below the logo it says “El Corte Inglés stores” and a little further down you will find a search bar, in which you can search for “stores, events, brands and services”. A tool that can help you locate, among many things, the store of your choice.
  • There is also the option “See stores”, which allows you to see all the stores in their respective provinces in a table that you can slide up and down.
  • Below the map that is presented in this interface is the option “See All Stores “When you select it, you will be presented with lists of stores and provinces, which are divided into 5 pages.

Locate El Cortes Inglés by Province

Another way to locate a store is by clicking where it says “Select a Province”, it’s right next to the magnifying glass in the search bar. By clicking there, a small list of provinces where all the El Corte Inglés stores are located in Spain and two in Portugal.

All you have to do is select a province and then it will open a page that contains two ways to find the store, one is with the map and the other manual. As you may have noticed, El Corte Inglés has made an effort so that there are multiple location options, choose the one that is easiest for you.

Manual way

Once you have chosen the province, you must choose the store in the box that says “Shop in …”. There will be displayed a list of stores that are in the province of your preferenceWhen choosing one of the available ones, another interface will open. In it you can see data about the store, departments, brands, services, events, as well as contact information, hours and address.

letters company el corte ingles on rooftop building

Using the map

You must choose the option that says “Find your Store” which is in the center of the map that can be perceived there. Once you make that choice you can see the map in a larger way, which allows you to see all the provinces and their stores.

The stores are marked by a green flagWhen you click on it, a small preview window will appear. You must click on “More information” and voila, it will direct you to the same page of the manual form where it says information about the store, hours and more.

The English Court

This way of finding a store is very simple, and it sure won’t take you long to do it over and over again. In addition, this way, wherever you are, you will not miss any of the wonderful discounts of this great company.

And if you are one of those who prefers to be at home and do online shopping, You can take advantage of the option to buy online at the El Corte Inglés supermarket. Don’t miss out!

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