How to Lock and Unlock My Android Screen with Two Taps?

In today’s post we want to teach you about a tool very useful that will serve you in many ways. We will explain to you in today’s tutorial how to lock and unlock the screen of your mobile phone with just a couple of taps.

In this way you can use your mobile phone if you have the need to wear the button unlocking physical. This is a very useful option if you are looking to prevent the hardware of your device from becoming permanently damaged.

Likewise, this option is ideal for those people who are failing prematurely and urgently need a solution or replacement for it.

The app and configuration of this tool is extremely simple to use and is based on configuring various special commands which are simple to install. This is something you can do from any Android device and in a few seconds. In the same way, it gives you an easier screen lock option than putting a password and even your fingerprint.

Keep reading the article that we have written for you to learn a little more. It is sure to be very helpful.

touch mobile screen

Unlocking and locking the screen with just two taps

The application that we are going to use for this task has the name “TapTap To Lock”. This application can be found easily within the Play Store. This mobile application is fully functional and serves in a few words to turn on your mobile screen with just two touches.

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The touches do not have to be strong, but a light touch on the screen and the application will do the rest. One of the best things about this application is the fact that it works intuitively, which is why its operation is wonderful. Learn how to configure it below:

  • To begin you must open the application and explore its options. You will do this in order to feel familiar with it and all the options it can give you.
  • The most important thing and what you should be aware of is the fact that all the options that the application shows you are completely enabled. This is a fundamental step to be able to turn the screen on and off with just two taps.
  • The last option you will see in the application will be “Start on boot” which is an option which will give us the special function to be able to turn on the mobile in the same way in which we block our device.
  • The other options are not relevant to our work, however, you can explore and visit them to learn a little more about them.

When you have all the options and the application itself configured you can use it in such a way that it will work perfectly.

unlock screen android

Turning the screen on and off with two taps

If what you are looking for is an application which allows you to turn off or turn on your mobile phone with the same action that we have described previously, “Tap Tap Lock”, is the app you were looking for.

This is the perfect application, for those people whose physical movement buttons on their device have begun to fail or now, none of them work.

This is a simple application which fulfills a single function which is turn on and turn off your phone with just two taps. Thanks to its great operation and simple interface, you can do it from any position and it is not necessary that you have completely taken over your phone.

The device can be on a table and the option you have selected will still function. TapTap To Lock is an application which has a lower weight than those of applications specialized in replacing physical buttons.

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Once installed, there is very little setting What you must do to make it work correctly. These applications can get you out of any trouble anytime you want. Try them that you will not regret it.

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