How to Login to GMX Mail Email? – Step by step (Example)

Learn to log in to GMX Mail email, since it is an excellent alternative to the other mail systems that currently exist.

Many people today know that Hotmail and Gmail are the two most popular email services in many countries. Creating a new email account in Outlook – Hotmail or even creating an email account in Gmail, it really made you very popular.

But as time goes by new services are born that are worth using, as in this case the email GMX Mail.

It is a completely free mail service, which offers all the functions of other mail services, such as sending and receiving mail, having your own mailbox, as well as other interesting functions.

Log in to GMX Mail

The GMX Mail email service It is an excellent solution and alternative for all users who are looking for an email service other than the most popular ones.

To start using the mail service, the first thing you should do is log in after creating a free email account with GMX Mail. To carry out this process you must perform a series of steps that I will be leaving you below.

Through a PC or computer

To be able to log in to the GMX Mail email, enter here. Click on “Enter”.

Enter GMX Mail

When loading the web page, you will be able to find a variety of information from the website, in addition to the various options available, such as registration, functions, etc.

In this case, what you must do is click on the option “Log in”Located at the top right of the screen.

After pressing the previous option, a small window will appear on the screen indicating the fields that you must write to be able to log in.

In the first field you are going to write your GMX email address, and in the second field you are going to put the password, click on “Log in”.

This way you can log in to GMX Mail email, so that you can read the emails received or send an email to another contact or, for example, add an email alias to your GMX Mail account.

Sign in through the app

Log in to GMX Mail via the app (either from the Android or iOS operating system), the process is similar to that of the PC.

To be able to log in to the GMX Mail email through the application, you just have to perform the following procedure that I will leave you below.

It is necessary that you have the application installed on your device, if not, download through Play Store on Android or App Store on iOS.

Launch the app on your device. When entering, the first thing that appears on the screen is that you write your email and your password and then click on “Login” and ready.

GMX Help Center

Recover GMX Mail password

Everyone at some point can forget the password for our products, especially if your passwords for each service are different.

In the case of GMX Mail, you do not have the option to remember your password. Therefore, what you must do is a small process to change your password (put a new one) and enter your account again.

To do this, you must go to the official website of the application through your computer (so that it is a little more comfortable to carry out the process).

Click on the option “Log in”, now you are going to select in “Can not access your account?“And then in”Please use our password recovery wizard ”.

Write your email (the one you forgot the password), click on “I’m not robot“And then in the option of”Continue”.

You have two options to continue with the process, that you get a link to the alternative email you placed when registering or continue answering the security questions. Choose the first option and press “Continue”.

Go to your alternative email, you are going to select the email you received from GMX Mail and select the link found within the email.

This will take you back to the GMX Mail page. Retype your email in the indicated field and enter the new password in the two subsequent sections and click on “Save the new password”.

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