How to Login to HBO From PC or SmartTV? – Step by Step Guide (Example)

The advantage of using streaming platforms like HBO is that it can be viewed from almost any device, be it a smartphone, TV or PC. Without a doubt, one of the best ways to enjoy your favorite series is on a big screen in the comfort of your home. In this guide we will show you how to log into HBO from PC or SmartTV.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you must have a subscription to HBO GO to enjoy all the content on the platform. Currently HBO only allows have two simultaneous connections and you can register up to a maximum of five devices to the account.

Watching HBO content in increasingly simple is the Smart TV, because most of the new models have built-in applications to make our lives easier. Viewing the content from the PC can be just as simple, you just need know your HBO user account details.

Sign in to HBO from PC

  • Uses your favorite browser to log into your HBO account. If you search for the word HBO in a search engine like Google, the first result is the official page of your country or region.
  • Once you are on the main page, click on the Login button located in the upper right of the screen.

Sign in to HBO from PC

  • On the page to access HBO enter your access data such as your email associated with the account and your password. Don’t forget that the password field is case-sensitive.
  • When you finish press the Login button. For future occasions you can avoid this cumbersome process and summarize everything in a single click if you bookmark or favorite page the HBO page and save the access data in the browser.

Sign in to HBO from a Smart TV

  • Samsung Smart TVs are HBO’s best allies because many of them already have the pre-installed application where you only have to enter your data and see your favorite series. In case you do not have the pre-installed application, you can download it from the applications section and install it.

Sign in to HBO from a Smart TV

  • In the applications section Select the videos option and search for the HBO application.
  • When you find the application, select it and press the Install button, to download and then install automatically. Depending on the speed of your internet connection this may take only a few seconds.
  • Pin the app to the launch bar so that you have immediate access to it on future occasions.
  • Open the app and enter your access data from your account to log in and you will have access to all HBO content.

The HBO Smart TV app is very intuitive. The interface is made in such a way that the user can navigate using only the directional buttons on the TV remote control. There are applications that make it even easier such as Smarthings that allow the use of the mobile phone as a command control from distance.

Watch HBO on TV with a Chromecast

  • Maybe the only way you have to watch content on the TV through a Chromecast. In this case, you must log into the HBO application from your mobile device.
  • Make sure the device Chromecast is properly installed and configured to sync with the mobile device.
  • Download and install the HBO application on your mobile or from Chrome browser on PC. IF it is iPhone you can find the application in the App Store and if it is Android you can download it from the Play Store.
  • Login to the mobile app with your access data to the HBO account. Another option is to access the official page from the Chrome browser, but this option is more viable to use from the PC.
  • Now sync your mobile device with the Chromecast. Verify that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If all goes well, you can now enjoy all the HBO content on your TV.

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