How to Login to Twoo if I Forgot my Password – Quick and Easy (Example)

Logging in to Twoo after having lost the password can be a headache, as in any circumstance where you are forced to repeat over and over again patterns that may be correct.

When we test new social networks like this, we usually put a key thinking that it would be impossible to forget it, but we may be wrong.

Luckily, like other platforms, this one allows you to recover or generate a new password if we have lost the previous one placed.

If you are interested in these types of pages, you can always try other options such as Badoo, which is a page to find a partner with an easy and friendly interface; it’s very easy to sign up and create your Badoo account.

Recover my password to log in to Twoo

If you have lost or forgotten your password, you can recover it from the login section on the Twoo official page.

Which, of course, can be found by typing the name in the search engine and identifying the site link or entering directly by placing the URL.

Once you have entered the page, you will see that It is divided into two sections for the white and orange colors.

By default, when entering the site they will show you the fields or options that any user needs to complete for registration.

On the other hand, if we have a profile and we want to recover the password, we must press the “Start session” button found in the white section, at the top, just above the registration fields.

This will cause elements on the page to change without affecting its appearance. But, instead of the above, you will see two blank boxes, one for the email and another for the password.

login on the page of two

With these, you will be able to log into Twoo. Although, in order for us to carry out the recovery process, we have to press on “have you forgotten your password?”.

This action that we carry out will redirect the site to another link, where there will be a box with a message, and below this, a blank field where you must enter your email.

Thus, the email address must match the one you used to log into Twoo or create the account for the first time. Then, we select the button “Get a new password”.

Check inbox and reset password

When you have completed the above process, the Twoo website will proceed to send an email to the inbox of the email provided.

Said message, will have a recovery link that we must select and that will immediately take us to a section within the page.

In it, we can place or reset the new password so that, in this way, we can log into Twoo normally and without problems.

We recommend that, when generating a new key, put one of medium complexity – high, but not too complicated not to be easily forgotten.

At the same time, it is ideal to write it down on a paper or text document, and thus, in case of not remembering it again, have a backup of it.

Once we have established the new password, we can go to the official site of the platform and log in seamlessly.

How can I prevent this from happening again?

Not only can you log into Twoo using the traditional method, which is using the mail together with a complex password.

interface of two original

Although if this is the case, the best thing to do is what we recommend above, write down the password in a safe place in case it is forgotten.

Another way, is using a registration supported in the Facebook account. That is, continue the session with a profile of the aforementioned social network.

This will allow us to enter the platform just by having an active Facebook account, without having to enter the email or password.

By doing this, we are less likely to have to request a Password recovery by loss and enjoy Twoo without the need for mishaps.

If, on the other hand, your Twoo subscription brings you any problem or discomfort, you can always delete or cancel your account permanently, as well as if you have a Badoo or Lovoo account that you no longer need or cause problems for you.

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