How to Login with an Account Number to my Cricket Account Step by Step

Within the United States, we can find a wide number of services and companies which promise you the best connection and options in mobile phone.

Each client is free to choose the service that best suits their lifestyle, thus including the type of mobile network they need, however, something that Cricket Wireless has known how to play with is to provide its users with excellent services, options and tools.

With its plans and service, the company provides its users with the possibility of having comfortable and secure access to their online accounts, with which they not only allow them to view their invoices, but also have the possibility to view and pay your billing receipts, through the platform Online cricket.

Within bliss platformIt is also possible that you can buy ringtones, change the plan you have in your Cricket Wireless service and likewise, learn a little more about the information found within it.

In order to enter this platform, the main thing is to have a line, with which you will also require a telephone number of Cricket. Within this post we will teach you step by step, the correct way with which you can enter that account, regardless of the circumstances.

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What will you see in the “My Account” section?

Within this option, you will have the possibility of finding a brief section in which the amount you must pay when your arrival will be described in detail. invoice, as well as the exact date on which your services expire.

In the lower section, you can find the phone numbers of your account, in addition to the plans to which each of your cell phones is associated.

It is here where you will find all the information that is related to the money that you must cancel for subscriptions and monthly payments.

Within this section you can see in detail the expiration dates, in addition to configuring or failing that change all the preferences that you have made regarding Automatic payment, payment of credit or debit, that you have previously configured.

  • Billing History

Here you will find a list of all those payments that you have made previously in your account, amounts, dates and everything that corresponds to the records of the money you have paid for the service, you will find it within this section.

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Step by step to sign in with an account number on your Cricket account

  1. Start by calling service Cricket Wireless company customer, and then proceed to ask the customer service operator for your Cricket Wireless phone number. To do this, the assistant will ask you to provide your account number for Cricket Wireless, In addition to asking you different questions with which it will proceed to verify your data, and after that, it can simply provide you with your Cricket Wireless telephone number.
  2. Once you have said number, you just have to go to the home page of in order to enter the tab “My account“.
  3. Here you must proceed to enter your phone number which was provided by the Cricket company in the “Check in“and then click inside the button”Next step“.
  4. A message will automatically arrive on your device, which you must check within the “Messages“which is inside your mobile phone and which has a special password, with which you can enter your MyCricket account.
  5. Next, you just have to enter your phone number and also the password in the fields in which you are requested, and after that, enter the “section.Enterokay“.
  6. You will see that a window will open in which a series of options will appear and this means that you are already inside the application and then you only have to enter the option “Go to my account“And so you have successfully logged into your account.

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