How to Make a 3D Object Tracking Effect with Mocha and After Effects? (Effects)

Tracking or tracking of movements is a great effect that will give your videos an extra boost. Furthermore, it is very useful to add objects or texts without being forced to the audiovisual file you make. If you want to know more about how to perform a 3D object tracking effect with Mocha and After Effects, keep reading.

After Effects is characterized by having a great variety of tools that help you in composing animations, in order to create them according to your needs.

What is Mocha?

It is a special plugin for After Effects that takes care of the so-called tracking planar. This is the tracking of an object to create compositions in which both the images and the other elements follow the same pattern of movement.

Mocha is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. And with this add-on, you can, in addition to planar, eliminate accelerated objects, it has rotoscopy tools, and it is compatible with 360 stereo. You can, of course, also perform the effect of 3D tracking objects with Mocha and After Effects.

In addition to 3D effects, After Effect also allows you to create a 4D logo animation to have a much more real and surreal image.

Advantages and uses of tracking

  • You may combine different elements that have been recorded separately. For example, adding a star or sparks to a wand while it is shaking.
  • Include effects from animations, such as highlights or vignettes to any other object. Stabilize video material that has jerky or rocking movements. Likewise, hold an object still within a frame to go examining cut by cut as this moves.

Another of the best tools that After Effect has is the one that allows you to speed up or slow down a video depending on the needs of the editor.

still frame

Steps to perform the object tracking 3D effect with Mocha and After Effects

  • Once in After Effects, drag the video you want to use to the composition panel to proceed to track this three-dimensional object. To run the Mocha plugin, open the “Animation” window in the top bar of the screen and select “Track in Boris FX Mocha”.
  • Click on the little plugin symbol and it will open a totally new window belonging to this software. Select the tool “Feather” which through a selector will allow you to make a mask around the main object.
  • In the main tools panel located on the left side, click on the right arrow of the section “Track” to start tracking. On the left edge of the screen, you can save your process and exit Mocha to continue in After Effects.
  • In After, duplicate the layer and hide it. With the first layer selected click on “Matte” found under the Mocha plugin. Then, click again on “Create AE mask”, You will notice that, on the preview screen, only the selection made in the tracking will be seen on a black background.
  • With that new composition done, and with the command “Ctrl + Shift + CYou must pre compose it. With that command in the pop-up window that will appear, select “Move attributes to a new composition” Y “To accept”.

in-depth analysis

Second part

  • Choose “Window” in the options bar and then “Tracker” A new panel of this option will appear, there, click on “Track camera”And in another new panel that will appear, select“Detailed analysis”.
  • Once this process is done, you will see some points on the object, select the entire surface and right click to choose the option “Create null and camera”.
  • With this, you can now delete the Track and discover the hidden layer at the beginning because the main process has already been carried out.

This is the main process, now the only thing left to do is to drag the elements to the timeline and make it 3D. In the null select P from “Position” copy and paste it over the element. Scale the values ​​to make the elements square as you want on the object and voila.

Now you can practice making the 3D object tracking effect with Mocha and After Effects. And have fun creating the 3D tracking effect, if not try also creating cartoon or cartoon animations.

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