How to Make a Bank Transfer by Internet from one Account to another From My Cell Phone – Necessary Information

Bank transfers are financial operations, really necessary for our life, being those that allow us, send money back and forth, regardless of the distance between two people, or where in the world they are; becoming a safe and reliable way to send money.

Make a transfer, it is an easy process that will not take you more than 5 minutes, in addition you can do it from the device that solves you more comfortable, as is your cell phone; in the place and at the time you need it. Transfers are not difficult to make, you just have to follow a series of simple steps.

What you should know before making a bank transfer from one account to another

You must bear in mind that there are endless banks; The bank you use will be the one of your preference and that of the recipient, there are also different types of transfers, among them are: National transfers, are those that are made within the same territory.

SEPA transfers, are made in euros, between accounts in different countries, belonging to the area (36 European countries), while the country belongs to SEPA, the transfer will be made without any problem. On the other hand, international transfers outside of SEPA will need much more data to be able to carry out.

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It is important to know, in what term will your money arriveSome of the deadlines are: Ordinary, are those that usually take one business day (corresponds to national or SEPA), also the international can take between 2 to 5 business days.

The urgent ones are those made by the Bank of Spain (it is a European central bank), receiving the money in 2 hours. Finally the immediate ones, these will be made he sent in 10 seconds.

How to make a bank transfer online from one account to another from your cell phone

Making the transfers from your cell phone will be very comfortable, because it allows you to do it in the place where you are and at the time you need. To make a bank transfer from the mobile, you can do it from the browser or from the official application of your bank, you can download it from the Play Store, if you have any problem you can install the mobile application on your computer.

When you already have the application downloaded, enter your access code or fingerprint, access the bank transfers section, once there fill in the fields with the data of your recipient; Finish the operation by inserting a password or coordinate received by SMS and your transfer would be successful.

To make an interbank transfer onlineThe first thing you should do is realize that you have a good internet connection; There are many ways to improve your internet and make it go faster, while you make a transfer. By doing so, you log into your online account.

Upon entering, look for the option to “Transfer money”At this time you must choose the type of transfer (external to another bank), also enter the data of the person who will receive your transfer, to finish insert the date on which you want the money to be sent.

Data necessary to carry out the transfer

In all bank pages or applications, the data that you must enter to make the transfer will appear, this will really depend on each bank, but it should be noted that the most necessary data, They are:

Beneficiary (it is the name of the beneficiary, you must enter their name as it is registered in their bank), type of account (ask your beneficiary if their account is savings or checking).

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He too account number or IBAN (It is represented by numbers or by an IBAN), name of the bank where you will transfer the money to the recipient. Finally, enter the exact amount of money that you are going to send; This step is very important, try not to make mistakes, you can download a calculator on your device to avoid making mistakes.

Make sure you read the instructions that the bank page tells you, in the same way, correctly insert each data of the receiver; We recommend having an agenda on your cell phone, this will allow you not to make mistakes and make all transfers correctly.

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