How to Make a Blurry Image Background or Effect in PicsArt? – Easy and Fast (Example)

Before retouching photos was hard work and reserved only for the best, nowadays, a large number of apps have been developed that allow this task to be carried out easily. Achieve a blurry image effect or background in PicsArt quickly with this tutorial.

Also with this application dare to make a photomontage of your photos and put the background you want.

With these, you can accomplish almost anything for give an extra to your photos and make them look expert.

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PicsArt It has become one of the favorite applications when it comes to editing photos due to its large number of tools and enhancement options. In addition to representing a community where, like Instagram, photos are shared.

In addition to having applications to make effects on your photos, if you have an Android phone you can install applications to have the iPhone camera on your Android phone.

Get to know PicsArt and its functions

It is a very complete application and social network in which you can even draw and build a picture from scratch almost like Photoshop.

You’ll find that it has all sorts of cool additions and effects, including one with which you can achieve a blurry image effect or background in PicsArt. It is quite requested because it is one of the indicators that they will make your photo look like a pro.

Application interface

In this first part, you can find the main functions, and from there see what tools or options each one offers you. You can, look for the featured images with the «Magnifying glass”And discover and invite friends from other social networks.

You can also find the challenges organized by PicsArt in which you can submit your photo according to the previously established indications. All you have to do to be able to do this is register in the Web for free.

neon picsart

PicsArt Tools

As mentioned before, this app has many tools that, according to your imagination can help you achieve great results. You can go from the basics like cropping (for which in fact you have several possibilities), moving the image and modifying its size.

And well, of its tools closer to the expert, you can find one tone curve. Adjust the brightness and saturation, modify the perspective of the image, and rotate it. There is also a section dedicated to beautifying the look of people, ideal for your selfies.

In addition to the PicsArt application, you can find other applications in the Play Store that allow you to edit your photos, such as App Snapped.

Effects of the application. Get that image blur effect or background in PicsArt

I enter the section of effects in PicsArtYou can find the filters that everyone knows and some extras that it provides. Some may automatically turn the photo into a watercolor painting, clone you, or turn you into pop art. This, just by selecting, even after this you can modify it to your liking.

Now, to achieve that blurry image effect or background in PicsArt, you just have to follow these simple steps. Once in the application select the symbol «More» located on the back of the screen. Four boxes will appear from which you must choose «Edit», select the image you want and that’s it.

There is a toolbar that is located under the selected image, look for the option «Effect» and, when that tab opens, choose «Fuzzy». At the same time, within this window, variants of this effect will appear, but to be more precise in what you want to achieve choose the last option.

picsart girl wall

With the eraser (found at the top), remove the parts you don’t want blurry of your background or image. By selecting the filter again, you can gradually adjust the intensity. You can help yourself with the magnifying glass to achieve a better precision of that effect or blurred image background in PicsArt.

Once you have the result you want, select «Apply”To save your changes. You can continue editing your photos and adding other effects, filters and even stickers. Everything will depend on your imagination.

To be able to take professional photos you don’t need a super camera, you can get very good photos with the Android camera by following these tips.

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