How to Make a Book in Apple Pages From My iPhone or iPad (Example)

Writing is an activity that many people do as a way to relax, distract themselves, and test the full potential that creativity can have. For some, this kind of hobby could be the first step to a successful professional career.

Much has been said about negative effects or disadvantages that technology has had in today’s society, since people spend much more time on social networks and more attentive to superficial situations than to content that can be of real use.

“Pages” a tool for culture

That is why many developers have not stopped working, devising tools or applications that encourage people to resume artistic and cultural activities and generate a great impact on a social level.


Such has been the importance of these applications that, when exploring the category belonging to applications for educational purposes, the amount of options you can count on is incalculable.

In this sense, one of the tools that has had a major resurgence in recent years, it was Pages. This is an application belonging to Apple, so it is only available for devices such as iPhone, iPad and Mac computers.

What is the Pages tool for?

This application was launched in 2005 as a data processor. However, for years now, with each update, tools have been put in place to help make it a perfect app for lovers of writing.

Digital books have gained a relevance that probably in the past would have been unthinkable due to the large number of people who preferred physical books. Apple, used to being one step ahead of the rest of its competition, seeks to profit.

So, among the most important features in the latest updates of this application, has been the inclusion of a large number of templates that are adjusted to your preferences or needs when writing a book.

And as if it were not enough, once you have created and written your book you can also synchronize it and have it on your iPad. So … why not give it a try and unleash everything your mind is capable of?

Advantages of using Pages on iPhone or iPad

One of the biggest advantages of this application is that, When used on your iPhone or iPad, you will carry your work with you at all times, especially if you synchronize it automatically with iCloud, being able to use it even on a Mac OS computer.

Another huge advantage is that you can export the book’s format to other programs, such as Word. So there should be no major problems when you need to continue writing from a computer with a different operating system.


While it is true that it includes a lots of templates and tools extremely interesting, the Pages interface is extremely easy to use. The quality of the options it offers are at your disposal, just a few taps away.

Templates! Pages layouts are simply charming, so your book will have a look of pure professionalism, tailored to your preferences and needs.

Pages … do you have any tricks?

Surely, speaking so many wonders of this application, you will wonder at what point the first problem will appear … perhaps … is there a paid version? Well no! This application is totally free, so you can get the most out of it without major limitations.

How to create a book?

Well, the moment of truth has come. If you have made the firm decision to carry out a project through this application, here you will have the first steps, those that will guide you in the beginning of the great adventure that awaits you.

  • Enter the application and click on “New document.”
  • Select the template of your preference.
  • Start writing!

That’s how easy it is to start a book on your iPhone or iPad thanks to Pages. Use the rest of its tools to add more pages, insert images, drawings and much more.

Show what you are capable of!

Recipes, children’s stories, love stories, suspense, horror, real or fictional, Pages has all the necessary tools for you so you can structure an authentic work of art. Now you just have to upload your files and share them. Do you dare to try it?

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