How to Make a Bootable USB Flash Drive with Windows 10 Using Winrar (Example)

Many people tend to choose to use a bootable USB when do not have a disc player on their computer, or they do not have the system installer CD in their hands.

Since the Internet is what it is, it allows this to be fulfilled, since more than one navigation network includes versions of operating systems such as Windows so that any user can download it when they need it.

Therefore, bootable USBs serve as tools to format a computer, once the file in question has been saved inside the pendrive.

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When it comes to acquiring the version that you like the most of an OS and the ease of creating this type of device, you should not worry, since here we will talk about some simple steps to achieve it.

Requirements to create a bootable USB: Can an ISO file be forged with WinRar?

Fortunately the answer is yes, but before explaining why and how to do it, we have to clarify a few points. WinRar is known to be content understanding software; it could be said that ISO images serve the same function.

create a bootable USB

It is all due to the fact that ISO files consist of a similarity to portable disks, that is, information CDs. This type of document ensures that within a limited storage space a specific amount of content can enter, in order to fulfill a purpose.

In this case, the purpose is install an operating system inside a computer It does not consist of a removable disk reader, so it is an excellent solution.

How to create an ISO file to install an operating system?

Ownership is not something you should worry about, as the procedure can be the same every time you need to create such an important file type for bootable USBs.

Mainly you should make sure you have the WinRar software, since once you have downloaded the content you want to transform, it will only be necessary to do the following:

Mainly sets aside the set of files in a folder, so that once done you just have to right click on it and click on «Add to file …» in the menu.

A small window of the WinRar program will appear on the screen, whose «File name» bar contains the title of the card, accompanied by the format extension characteristic of this program.

Instead of saving the file as RAR, you should click on the bar and change this extension to ISO, and then accept. In this simple way you can create an ISO image to install programs, backup content, record songs, among others.

Creating the bootable USB

If you are using Windows, it will only be necessary enter the «Command System» as an administrator, and then connect the device to the computer and take action on the matter.

Creating the bootable USB

What will be done is to assign the pendrive the task of work as a bootable USB using Winrar, which is possible through this sequence of «Command + Enter».

To begin, enter «Diskpart» and when receiving a text in return, type «List disk», which will show a list of the number of storage disks that are in the computer.

Based on the space displayed next to each one, select only those that belong to the pendrive connected to the computer and enter the command «Select disk x», where x is the number corresponding to the disk.

To this the term «Clean» and «Create partition primary» will be added, in order to press «Enter» and continue entering «Select partition primary», «Select partition x», «Active» and «Format fs = nfs». which will initiate a format to the device.

At the end it will only suffice to indicate the exit of the «Command System», copy the operating system files into the bootable USB using Winrar, and start the computer based on it.

From what you see, so far it should not be a cause for concern not to include a disk every time you want to reinstall an OS to your PC, because through a few simple steps you can have one of your own in your pocket.

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