How to Make a Brochure in QuarkXPress with Measures 10x21cm Closed Easily

Next, we will teach you how to make a triptych in QuarkXPress with measures 10x21cm easily closed. Showing you the basics to configure the page to perfection and exploit your creativity. However, before proceeding, it is best to know how to position, align text, and use snapping guides in QuarkXPress.

Make a closed 10x21cm QuarkXPress triptych

QuarkXPress is a complicated program It requires a lot of analysis, for this reason in this tutorial we will only focus on creating a base to develop the triptych. If it seems too complicated, remember that there is always the possibility of making a logo with Microsoft Publisher and much more.

leaf configure triptych quarkxpress

  • The first step is to create the new project that we will work with. In this case we will handle the sheet assuming it is A4 size.
  • The configuration that must be made to achieve a triptych with measures 10 × 21 cm in QuarkXPress is the following: Page with 297 mm width and 210 mm height and the top margins 10 mm, the bottom 10 mm, left 10 mm, right 10 mm .
  • It’s time to create a square around the worksheet. In this case we will handle 3 mm at point X and Y. As for the width, set it to 303 mm and the height to 216 mm.
  • Now we must make the settings related to the window. For this reason, go to the “Window” tab located in the upper right, here you will find the “Guides” section, click on it.
  • The guides window will be displayed, click on the plus symbol under “Extended plate” to see the guides in full. In the upper right part of the window you will find the options section, after clicking on it click on “Create guides from frames”. This will help us to create the fold signals for our triptych.

Create the Trifold Guides in QuarkXPress

  • Doing the above will show all the guides that we had prepared. The left part of the program will open a small ruler, click on it and drag a guide onto the page. A guide will be displayed in the window, make sure to configure it as an extended plate, To do this, simply click on the small rectangle that appears. With the above it should change the shape to horizontal.
  • A created guide must be set to 97mm. Now repeat the process, that is, create a new guide using the ruler, in this guide it should be set to 197 mm.
  • After the above we are going to create the margin guides. Again use the ruler to create a new guide, this we recommend setting it to 87 mm (or the most convenient margin). Handling the above figures, we create the following margin guides with 107mm, 187mm, 207mm.

quarkxpress do triptych

Final Steps to Configure the Trifold Sheet in QuarkXPress

  • After the above it will be necessary duplicate guides, this in order that the other side of the sheet has the same information. The first thing before this is to unlock the guides, to do this simply press on the padlock that some of them have.
  • In the upper right part of the guide window there is a small icon with two arrows, on the right side you must disable the option that appears. It will be shown on page 2, that is, the other side of the sheet. Just select all the guides on the first page and drag them to the second.
  • Anyway, it is important to do the following, select all the guides on the second page, right click on them and then select the option “Mirror guide”. Finally, block all the guides that we have created previously to start working on our triptych.
  • After the previous steps, you will have perfectly configured the sheet for the purpose of making a triptych in QuarkXPress. Just let your creativity flow with the purpose of create a functional triptych. You already have the guides with which you will guide yourself to handle the information properly.

Clearly if you have doubts in relation to what follows, you can find out how to make a cover for a sports newspaper in QuarkXPress, from where you can get ideas. In turn, other options such as adding a border, outline or stroke to the text in QuarkXPress, will come in handy for this process.

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