How to Make a Children’s Birthday Invitation Card for Kids in Word

We all know that for the little ones birthday is a important celebration. One of the most important things on this date, apart from the celebration, is the invitation card that we give to the people we want to be present in it. Previously, these invitations were sent to specific places and with people who had knowledge of the programs to make them.

Nowadays, anyone can make an invitation card for a children’s birthday just by having the basic knowledge of the Word program and you can make it look like a professional invitation card. Join us and discover all the tools offered by Word for this.

Ideas for making children’s birthday invitation cards

If we want make children’s birthday invitations, we know that the main thing that characterizes these are the striking children’s drawings or images, along with fun writings directed for children. Elaborating one of these is not a difficult task, we can do it from the comfort of our home through the computer using the Microsoft Word program.

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Although there are thousands of mobile applications with ideas for making children’s birthday invitation cards, the best idea for this is take into account the things that the birthday boy or girl likes, for example, his favorite color, his favorite animated character, in short, everything that catches the attention of this little boy or girl, because in the end, the celebration is his.

When making this invitation, try to make the text inside it sound fun and youthful, use bright and striking colors, use images that enliven the presentation of this invitation card and combine everything with the theme of the party or meeting that you are going to carry out. so that guests have an idea of ​​what clothes to wear and what to wear. Avoid boring texts and dull dark colors.

In the same way you can choose search the internet for some ideas to make invitation cards for children’s birthdays and adapt them to your liking. You can put a photo of the boy or girl who is on his birthday, that will undoubtedly make him very happy and make him feel special on his day.

Make a children’s birthday invitation card for kids in Word

For the elaboration of cards of any type, including invitation cards for children’s birthdays, Word has a template system to make this work easier for us. With these we can create our invitation card just like the template or we can modify it to our liking.

To use them you simply have to open the Microsoft Word program, either on our computer or open Microsoft Word online from any internet browser and open a new document. After this, go to the task panel located on the left and select “invitations”, The task panel will automatically transform showing you the types of templates that are available for your computer’s operating system.

Then select the option “party invitations”, Here you will be able to view the invitation card templates that Word offers for you. Then select the one that you like the most and download it. Once it is downloaded, it will show the invitation options you have to modify.

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You can work on these templates, add or remove details and leave it completely as you want. Once it is ready you must print it. If you don’t have a printer that has the ability to print on both sides of the paper, you’ll need to print it in parts. And finally, cut them out, if necessary, and fold them so that they are ready to be delivered.

How to make simple children’s birthday invitation cards in Word?

You must open a blank document and modify the format of the sheet according to how you want the invitation card to be, then select the images you want to attach, select “insert image”And modify the measurements in case you want to insert several images, be they photos, drawings or images from the internet.

Add to it all the color you wantIf it is a birthday for a boy or girl, the invitation must be striking, colorful and with a font that attracts attention.

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