How to Make a Conceptual Outline or Chart in PowerPoint step by step (Example)

PowerPoint is a great design tool for anyone who likes quality platforms. This allows us to create or make slides with professional designs, and also to make ones that are much more elaborate and adapt to our tastes. There are many things you can learn to do with this tool, for example, if you want to know how to make a conceptual outline or chart in PowerPoint step by step, here we show you how.

Making conceptual schematics can be very useful for everyone, especially if we are currently studying or want to expose a topic easily. Learning to do it with PowerPoint will help you to handle this special tool much better and to take better advantage of the tools they offer us.

How to make a conceptual or graphic outline with PowerPoint?

Microsoft Office is one of the text editing tools most used around the world. And it is totally understandable, since it offers us millions of options that allow us to make the best documents and make the most of our creativity.

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In addition, it helps us to expose the topics we want in a simple and direct way, being an excellent option for students, teachers and anyone who needs this type of tools.

In fact, one thing you can do with PowerPoint is create a template, conceptual scheme or graphic. With the help of the advice that we will give you below, you will achieve true quality. Also, to be really eye-catching for anyone who sees it.

Steps to make a conceptual outline or graphic in PowerPoint

Although this may seem a bit difficult for those who do not have much experience using PowerPoint, actually making a conceptual outline with the help of this tool is very easy. You only have to follow a few simple steps to do so, which are:

conceptual scheme

  • Once in it, go to the tab «Insert».
  • Near the end of this options bar, you will see the option to «Insert text box».
  • Select this option and draw the box in question on your slide.
  • Draw as many text boxes as you want, depending on how much information you want to include in the outline.
  • Now, to connect the different text boxes, go back to the section of «Insert».
  • There, choose the option «Shapes», where you will select the line that you like the most to connect the whole scheme.
  • Locate all the components of the conceptual or graphic scheme where you like them the most.
  • Insert all the information you want in the text boxes made previously.

That’s all! Once you have done all this, you can start enjoying the wonderful scheme that you have created. Something that you should take into account when making your outline is that you can edit it the way you want by right clicking on the text boxes and lines.

In this way, you can configure the border, the fill color, the thickness, among other aspects that may undoubtedly interest you.

In what ways can you decorate your outline in PowerPoint?

There are a number of ways you can easily decorate your concept or chart from within PowerPoint. In fact, there are several details that can make the difference between a simple scheme and a totally professional. Because of this you can edit and improve the master slides with Power Point. For example, something you can do to give your PowerPoint slides a personal touch, is to put a fund to them.

You can achieve this in the «Design» section, by pressing the option of «Background format». There, you can edit the color and appearance of the background of your slide and, therefore, of your outline. Another thing you can do is use special fonts to decorate your PowerPoint designs, changing them in the «Start» section.

office suite

We also encourage you to see the large number of tutorials that YouTube offers us on this topic, so that you can find the practical help you need to keep learning.

We hope that all this information can be of great use to you, and that you manage to make a really special conceptual or graphic scheme with the options that PowerPoint offers.

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