How to Make a Creative Advertising Sales Flyer for Business, Easy and Fast

A brochure is a quite useful tool when you are going to make a sale, since in them you can color all the information about the product you want to sell. You could distribute it among your customers or send it to a large number of people so that they know everything about your product.

There are a lot of platforms that have all the necessary tools to design very creative brochures for sales or advertising for business. In this article we will recommend some programs where you can design them and we will give you some tips to carry them out.

How to make an advertising sales brochure?

If you have a business and you need to make a brochure, you must bear in mind that defining your objective is essential To which audience will it be directed? and How are you going to spread it? These are questions you must ask yourself.

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The first thing you should do is a preliminary sketch to organize your ideas and define the structure that you are going to apply in the design of a brochure.

It is important that the brochure you are going to make this identified With your brand, you could put your logo on it. In addition, you must put your contact, email or phone number so that customers can contact you.

brochure design

Your design must have visual elements and information of interest, place images of the product and information on the instructions on how to use it and the benefits that they will obtain when purchasing your product.

For the written content you must use some suitable fonts. A letter that is pleasant to look at and with an ideal size to facilitate reading and attract people’s attention.

There are currently a large number of websites where you can design your brochure without having to download programs on your computer or on your mobile.

What pages or programs could you use?

The pages or programs that you can use to make sales brochures are incredible and if you are one of the people who does not know anything about design, do not worry because many of these make work easier because they offer their users a number of tools. Some of those programs are:


On the Canva website you will find templates, stickers, images, fonts, colors and shapes such as ovals, so you don’t need to be a designer graphic to create the designs you want.

canva design page

These incredible tools will make you feel like a design expert and you can design the ideal sales brochure for your business. Canvas has quite a few free tools and elements with which you can resize a design, but if you subscribe you can have access to a wide variety of functions.

In addition, Canva has an app that you can download to your mobile, this application is available in the Google Play and App Store stores.


Publisher is a free software that comes by default in the office package of the Windows operating system. It is a fairly basic and simple to use program, with which you can design a lot of things including brochures. Like Canvas it has some templates, but they are a bit dated and simple.

Power point

Power Point also belongs to the group of office programs, this program also has the essential tools to easily create a brochure.


It is a website where you can sign up for free filling out a short survey with your personal data and email. In Venngage you will find templates to make mind maps, cards, newsletters, banners, presentations, brochures and many more to improve your sales.


It is a web page where you can create the designs you want in a matter of minutes and you can download 5 free creations a month. If you pay the subscription you will not have limits when you want to save the different designs you make.

Crello is one of the cheapest websites with just $ 9.99 per month you can have access to all the tools and functions that this site offers.


With PicMonkey you can create designs and edit photos online, without the need to download programs, it has a web page and app for mobile devices.


This website will allow you to design visual graphics and elegant brochures Ideal for your business, at DesignCap you will find simple yet professional templates to design amazing brochures for free.

All these pages and programs have a bank of images, illustrations and typography fonts to complement the design of the brochure that you are going to make.

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