How to Make a Dispenser or Automatic Dispenser in Minecraft? (Example)

Everyone knows that Minecraft is the best made open world game. This is due to the large number of objects and functions that it houses within it, which can even be used differently depending on the imagination of each person. So Today you will learn how to make a dispenser or automatic dispenser in Minecraft.

And it is that, the same players have found uses and functions for certain objects that not even the developers have thought about, so it can be said that this is a game that is updated thanks to its community so active and creative (taking into account that you should update Minecraft to the latest version before continuing for a better understanding).

Materials to make the dispenser

To make a dispenser or automatic dispenser in Minecraft, you will need a series of very simple objects to obtain, which are:

Seven stone, a bow and a redstone ore. Getting the stone is the simplest, since it appears naturally throughout the world of Minecraft and you can chop it with a pick of any material.

To make or craft a bow you will need three sticks (which come from wood) and three strings (which come from spiders). You should order them as follows:

In the first row in the second box a stick and in the third a thread, in the second row in square number one a stick and in the third a thread and finally in the third row again in square number two a stick and in the three other thread. This will make your bow appear.

gray minecraft dispenser

Finally, in the case of the redstone, you must go to a cavern and look for the block that contains it, this you must chop it with a metal pick only (since another will break it without giving you anything). One trick to getting your block easy, is to dig as far down as possible and then straight from there.

Once you have all these materials you can proceed to make a dispenser or automatic dispenser in Minecraft, which is even easier.

How to make an automatic dispenser or dispenser in Minecraft?

Now that you know where to get what you need, you just have to find your work table and place each item in the following order:

In the first row in each square a piece of stone, in the second row in square one and three other pieces of stone and in the second row the arch, to end in row number three again a piece of stone in squares one and three and in two the redstone.

When you have finished you just have to grab your dispenser and you will have it in inventory for use. This is basically used to throw or shoot objects in the direction your face is looking at.

It can only be activated with some redstone mechanism (such as a redstone repeater and comparator), since this is what gives it energy to fire the items that are inside it, which you must place yourself, by right clicking on the dispenser.

Return automatic dispenser

If what you want is to make this object automatic (so that you can throw away the items in a way that suits you), you just have to create a redstone mechanism that reaches it.

gray dispensers

For example: you can make a string of redstone underground that goes from an activation platform to the dispenser, so that when someone steps on top of that platform the dispenser begins to shoot arrows.

You can also make runs that reach levers that when pressed activate the dispenser giving you any item (like an automatic pantry), all this is up to your own imagination.

And ready with the above, you know how make a dispenser or automatic dispenser in MinecraftNow you just have to go to the game (which you should download from its main page) create the object and start building your best mechanisms.

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