How to Make a Fishbone Diagram in PowerPoint Step by Step

One of the applications that allows us to use tools important for the presentation of our work, as are the diagrams is PowerPoint. And there is one in particular that many users break their heads to do it in the perfect way and they do not achieve it. Because of this, we have brought the following article that will teach you how to make a fishbone diagram in PowerPoint step by step.

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It is also known by the name of its creator as the Ishikawa diagram or cause or effect diagram, the fishbone diagram is used for the systematic analysis of the problems of any process.

By making this type of diagrams you can perfectly visualize where a certain problem happens, to correct it or at least minimize them.

With this tutorial you will learn in a very practical way the realization of the herringbone diagrams as simple or complex as you want, through the application of PowerPoint.

We will try to make the steps that we will indicate as simple as possible, since this application allows you to make a great variety of diagrams. And one of them is very easy to do, such as the Pareto chart.

How to make a fishbone diagram in PowerPoint step by step

This type of diagrams It is sometimes confused with the tree diagram that is made in Word, it is very useful when the data at hand are too scarce to be able to analyze any problem. These data are provided by the participants of a meeting and each one presents their ideas for the resolution of the problem in question. And those that help feasible solutions are taken.

As the name suggests, the layout of this type of diagram looks like a fish skeleton and therefore this unique name. The orientation of these diagrams is normally done from left to right. And information is entered in each spine of the skeleton and these in turn can be branched to give more information.

Steps to make a fishbone diagram

Let’s put the verbiage aside and start this interesting article, in which we are going to teach you how to make a Fishbone diagram in PowerPoint Step by Step. And we will start with looking for the application to open it and for this we are going to go to Start, after the menu is displayed we choose All Programs.

Next you will select Microsoft Office and finally click on PowerPoint and the program will be displayed on the screen. Once the app opens, go directly to the main menu and select the Insert tab. Once this is done, you will choose the Shapes option and then choose the Line option.

The next step is to place yourself on the slide with the mouse pointer and click, hold it and drag, while you do this press the Caps Lock key, so that the line you create is straight. Once you have the straight line created, you are going to draw diagonal lines at the top and bottom of the main line, repeat as many times as necessary.

When you finish this step, go back to the Insert tab, but now you are going to select the Text Box option. Hover your mouse cursor near each diagonal line, click, and then enter the appropriate information. You must repeat this operation with each diagonal line so that the fishbone is completed.

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So in this simple way we have finished a fishbone diagram, this is the most classic and easy to make design. It is important that you learn to use the drawing toolbar, so that your diagrams are more professional. And so concludes this tutorial that I can teach you how to make a fishbone diagram in PowerPoint step by step.

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