How to Make a Free Professional Prezi Presentation From Scratch

Prezi is a web platform created as a presentation tool that allows you to create and share excellent presentations, without the need to be a professional designer.

In addition, the platform, when uploading your presentations develops you statistics that allow you to visualize user interaction with your presentation. That is, you will be able to know how many times your presentation has been viewed and for how long.

Prezi is available for both your mobile device and your computer. If you want to use Prezi to make designs from your computer You can enter from any browser.

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If you want to make your designs from your mobile device you can download the app in your Android, Ipad and Iphone application store.

How to make professional presentations for free in Prezi?

As we mentioned earlier, it’s pretty easy to get into Prezi, but now Can you enjoy their service for free? Well, in fact, you can.

The first step is to enter the prezi platform, there you can create and configure my profile page and on the main page you will find information about the tool and you must go to the top right of the beginning and click on the «prices» option .

Found various packages and payment methods. Each one will show prices and services according to their cost, you will click on the option «basic», and you will find a square called «EDU ESTANDAR». You can also choose the «basic account» option that generates almost the same tools as the standard one.

Available Prezi plans

The option is standardr for students and educators, totally free and it offers you general services of the page so that you can make your designs, it also gives you the following tools:

  • PowerPoint Converter
  • Privacy control
  • Revocable Sharing Links
  • Premium images, backgrounds and icons
  • Advanced image editing
  • Improved narrative blocks
  • Smart brand presentation
  • Offline access (desktop app)
  • Portable presentations
  • Presenter view
  • Voiceover in presentations
  • Export to PDF
  • Remote control from smartphone
  • Upload a video
  • Presenter Notes
  • Graphics
  • Live Prezi (remote presentations)
  • Presentation analytics
  • Unlimited public content creation
  • Public forum
  • Submit a ticket
  • Content Download / Export
  • Chat Help
  • Telephone assistance
  • Advanced training (online)

Sign up for Prezi

Once you have chosen the package with which you want to create your account, it is time to register. You must click «continue» on the package you have chosen, you enter your data and this will generate a unique password and a user of your choice. Then you must enter with your data and you can enjoy the platform.

Upon entering you will be able to see all the presentations created by you as you make your designs, but if you are new, you will only have the blue button «new presentation» which you can click to start.

Clicking on «new presentation» Prezi will give you the option to create your design based on different templates, in order to have a little inspiration to create your custom design.

Prezi Templates

On the left side you can see that the templates are divided by category, such as Business, marketing, education and NGO, Human Resources and training and general. Also, if you want, you have the option of filtering the templates by the color that you like the most.

Below each template it shows you a level, which represents the knowledge that Prezi considers that you must have to modify template showers. The levels are based on: beginner, teacher and expert.

Templates available in Prezi

To make a presentation from scratch you just have to click on the «general» option, then you will have the option to choose a blank template.

Prezi tells you that to make these presentations you must have a title, a subtitle and a topic, and in turn, recommends that, to close templates from scratch, you must be at the master level.

At the top of the page you have many tools to start your presentation. The first step is to choose a good font for your titles and subtitles. On the right side you have several backgrounds that you can select if you don’t want your template to be just white.

You also have among the tools, options for make geometric shapes and figures, insert and edit images and put background music in my presentation. You can move your title and subtitles wherever you want, you have guide lines to have a good position and composition of space. Now you just have to use your imagination so that your presentation is directed to what you want to express.

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