How to Make a Greeting Card from a Template in Microsoft Publisher (Example)

Microsoft Publisher is known as a company-owned program Microsoft. It is designed in order to aid in the creation of different visual compositions. There you can create calendars, diplomas, brochures, creative banners and newsletters.

Start by choosing a template

  1. To start here, you must enter the Publisher program, and once you are inside. You must click on the Integrated button, to later locate yourself on the option of “Greeting cards”.
  2. When you have located on this option, you must scroll to those that are pre-designed, in terms of this topic. Once you have found one that you find pleasant, you must proceed to click on said template in order to get a preview of it and thus be satisfied with everything that it can offer you.
  3. Once you have found the template to your liking or the one you have created, click on the button “Personalize” and then on “Options”, there you can make all the modifications of your design.
  4. Once I’m done, you just have to press the Create button and everything will be ready for you.

publisher graduation letter

How to personalize the cards

Start by making changes within the design

Every change you make within the publication, can affect it in shape and size. Here we will leave you a list of things that you can add and which, in one way or another, would be affecting the way your text will look in the final result.

  • To start, you can do a small test with the different color combinations, which you can find in the tab “page design”, when you click there, you will be able to find a wide palette of colors. By hovering over these combinations, they will be immediately reflected in the appearance of your greeting card.
  • Now you must try the different types of sources, you can do this by locating yourself in the tab “page design” and then hovering over the section of “Sources” There you will see everything the program offers you and you can try until you find the one you like the most.

How to use images

One of the most important factors within this type of cards, are the images. Within this type of templates, there is an easy and dynamic way to insert them which we explain below:

  1. Start by clicking the right button on the image that is inside the marker in the position, and after that, click on the option “Change image” and then go to the option “Change image”
  2. After that, go to the dialog box, and after that start inserting said image. Proceed to press the “examine” button in order to search for said images within your Pc or failing that, within the local network. Likewise, facilitates you a search made easier from Bing.
  3. Repeat this process depending on the number of images that will go into the publication.

congratulations letter publisher

Making correct use of text editing

Text is one of the most important sections of your card. Based on this, you can choose a default text which you can replace or edit in the way you want best. In order to access this option, you must follow the following instructions:

  1. Start by selecting within the card, the marker text found in your card. And once there, proceed to write your own message.
  2. Likewise, you can access the section of “Insert”, and then click on the option “Draw text box”.
  3. After that you must select where you want said text to be located and click. Once everything is ready, it will only remain for you to write the text.

When your text is ready, you can edit it and place it the way you want by using the home tab. There you will see the different text editing options that are available. It should be noted that you can also make business cards so you can show the world what you want to share.

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