How to Make a Group Video Call by Telegram from PC, Android or iPhone

Telegram is the instant messaging app that everyone is talking about right now. After the new WhatsApp privacy policy, many users are migrating to Telegram.

Which functions has? How to use? How to make a group video call by Telegram from PC, Android or iPhone? All of these questions come up frequently among new users.

Knowing each and every one of its tools takes a little time. But in some detail, you will end up marveling at this app. It’s time to get to know Telegram in depth!

The beginnings of Telegram

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Two brothers who used to work at the “Russian Facebook” VK have been responsible for creating Telegram. Is about the Dúrov brothers: Nikolái and Pável With the support of former co-workers they managed to give shape to this idea.

The launch of Telegram was announced in August 2013. And although it has been overshadowed by other applications (WhatsApp, mainly), has always remained one of the best apps.

Its popularity grew as updates were made and new functions were implemented. Every new user who installed Telegram was simply impressed.

Telegram messaging application

Use and functions

Something that everyone has highlighted about this application is how far ahead it has always been with respect to its opponents. And there are many functions that in WhatsApp were innovative, Telegram had already implemented them for a long time. Such is the case of the dark mode, integrated by Telegram in 2017 and integrated by its opponent in 2020.

Making a group video call on Telegram is one of the many functions that you will find. Through Telegram you can do incredible things such as:

  • Play with your friends from a chat or group. From the popular game «UNO» or challenge your friends in sports or strategy games. Categories and video games abound. Pick your favorite!
  • The use of bots have many uses. It is also possible, through them, to use Telegram as a music or video player.
  • Lover of books? There are bots or channels of very interesting books to download totally free in PDF or another format.
  • Moviegoers love Telegram! And it is that through this platform they can receive the latest news from the entertainment world. Also, of course, to enjoy incredible movies online or download them.

How to make a group video call by Telegram from PC, Android or iPhone?

In today’s society, almost everything can be done remotely. From classes, work meetings or an interview. The video call tool in an application has turned out to be something very important and that, without a doubt, attracts more users.

On Smartphone

In the case of Telegram, regardless of the operating system of your Smartphone, making a video call is simple. You just have to:

  1. Enter the Telegram application.
  2. Click on the name of the contact.
  3. Click on the camera icon to make a video call.

On computers

On computers, the procedure may undergo a slight change. For example, when entering a chat, you may not see the icon corresponding to the video call. Does this mean you can’t do it? No way!

  1. Upon identifying the contact, you will see the call icon.
  2. Make a call to the other contact and then activate your camera.

video call telegram

Group video call, a pending feature on Telegram

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make a group video call by Telegram from PC, Android or iPhone. You can enjoy the benefits of creating a group on Telegram, but not a group video call. However, the developers have ensured that are working to implement this feature.

All users of this incredible instant messaging application hope that group video calls will be available by 2021. A feature that will undoubtedly end up attracting many more users.

Do you already have Telegram on your PC, Android or iPhone?

It is not a secret to anyone that Telegram will continue to give something to talk about in the coming months. The application has already reached 500 million active users. The operation, use and configuration of Telegram is extremely simple and attractive. Definitely, an application that can not be missing on any device. What are you waiting to download it?

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