How to Make a Group Video Call on WhatsApp with more than 50 People

Social networks have become a very useful tool for most of society, so much so that today (and thanks to the pandemic) it is shown that approximately 45% of the world’s population makes use of them.

In that sense, social networks are the essential tool for connecting loved ones that due to global confinement are estranged.

In this article we will talk about WhatsApp, one of the best social networks today. Also, we will tell you how to make a group video call by WhatsApp with more than 50 people. So keep reading this article and learn the benefits of this functionality.

What is Whatsapp?

WhatsApp is a instant messaging app developed for mobile smart devices in 2009 by WhatsApp, inc. With it you can send and receive messages over the internet, images, music, multimedia content, documents, voice notes, video calls and more.

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It is important to note that WhatsApp currently belongs to Facebook, inc., Since in 2014 it was acquired by Mark Zuckerberg with which the application acquires new functionalities. Among these new features, the status update stands out, which you can send with a single direct screen touch to the history of your Facebook profile.

Also, since the acquisition by Facebook, inc., Functions such as double read check or hide the last connection time have been included. The same way, the security of your chats is not left behind so message encryption has been included.

On the other hand, it is important to note that if you want to enjoy this interesting application you can also do it from your computer, so I invite you to easily log into WhatsApp web if you have not done so yet.

Group video call on WhatsApp with more than 50 people

WhatsApp is an application known for its great ability to establish effective communication person to person regardless of the distance between them. That is why below I will mention a functionality that will be very useful, group video calls.

It is important to note that group video calls they will allow you to hold a conference with more than 50 people at the same time. That is why below I will explain how to do it so that you can carry out your virtual meetings in an easy way.

Messenger Rooms

The first thing to keep in mind is that to hold the conference with more than 50 people, you will need to install Messenger Rooms. In this way you can integrate WhatsApp with the Facebook conference room and thus be able to send the invitations.

WhatsApp conversation options

Choose the way

Once Messenger rooms are installed, you must choose the way to create your conference room. For this you can do it in two ways, in the first instance you can access a chat, tap on the clip icon and there click on the “room” option.

The other option is go to the call section which you can get from the main screen of the application. Once there you can click on the option “room” which is located at the bottom right just above the “start a new call” icon.

Create your room

Regardless of which option you have chosen, both will take you through the room creation process. Once the Messenger Rooms application is open (you will have to have your Facebook profile open previously) what you will have to do is press the button “create room as”.

Once the room is created, it only remains that send the invitation through WhatsApp, for which you can copy the link and paste it in the chat of the person you want to invite. Similarly, it is also possible that you send the invitation from a broadcast message.

If you are a WhatsApp user on your mobile device, you cannot stop using WhatsApp web without your cell phone on and in this way stay connected with your friends or family.

I also invite you to know another option to make group video calls with which you can enjoy similar functionalities those offered by WhatsApp.

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