How to Make a Homemade Wifi Repeater or Signal Amplifier? – Step by Step Guide

Welcome back! If you are one of those users who does not have a Wi-Fi signal in every corner of the house and office, then you have reached the right post. Next we will show you all the steps you must follow to learn how to make a homemade wifi signal repeater.

Nowadays it is common that we usually use smart devices with internet access in almost every part of our office and home. In fact, all these devices are usually connected to a WiFi network. However, it is common for many users to be unaware of how a WiFi network works.

For example, it is very common for some users to check WhatsApp or surf the internet while they are in the bathroom, but normally the Wi-Fi signal does not usually reach these sites. For this and many other reasons, Wi-Fi amplifiers have become fashionable.

However, these network amplifiers They are usually very expensive and, as expected, not everyone can afford to spend part of their land on them, but don’t worry, fortunately for you, there is a homemade solution to amplify the range of our Wi-Fi with which we can save our money.

Later we will talk about 2 homemade methods so that you can make a very cheap signal repeater, we also assure you that this process will not take more than 10 minutes. Even with these home WiFi repeaters you can improve the internet speed to the maximum.

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Wifi signal booster with a can of beer

This method is quite simple to carry out because you will only need a can of beer to be able to improve the internet signal in your home. In this way you can direct the signal so that it can reach places that are far from Wi-Fi.

That is why we invite you to follow the following instructions to the letter so that you do not have inconveniences to make a homemade wifi signal repeater with a can of beer and thus improve the signal of your wifi at home.

  • To start you must search a can of beer and a cutterHowever, you can also use scissors. The idea is to cut the lower part like the upper part.
  • Unlike the bottom of the can, the top should not be cut off in its entirety. Remember to leave a piece of the can so that the top stays attached to the rest of the can.
  • Subsequently, you must cut in a straight line from the bottom to the top of the can, going through the middle of it to create a kind of satellite dish.
  • Now the top of the can will serve as a support or base for the rest of the antenna
  • In this way we have already completed our wifi antenna repeater.
  • In this step you will only have to pass the wifi antenna through the hole at the base of the repeater that we have made with the can.
  • Then you can use some adhesive tape to fix this satellite dish to wifi.
  • To finish you have to direct wifi antenna towards the direction in which you want the router’s signal to be amplified.

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Using aluminum foil to improve your router’s signal

Now, in this new section we will take the trouble to explain in depth everything you need to do to be able to amplify your Wi-Fi signal with aluminum foil. Without a doubt this other method to make a homemade wifi signal repeater It is also quite simple and also does not require special materials, since everyone has aluminum foil in their homes.

  • To start you will have to carefully cut a cardboard the size of a common letter sheet.
  • To continue you must completely cover the cardboard that you just cut with the aluminum foil. In this case, you will have to glue the paper to the cardboard with liquid glue or with a little adhesive tape.
  • Once the glue has dried, you will only have to place this aluminum foil right behind the antenna of your router. The ideal is to put this sheet lying on a wall or fixed to it to be able to redirect wifi signal to areas within our department where before the signal was very weak.
  • On the other hand, it is important to note that with this method you can reduce interference and protect the router from computer attacks. In this way we will prevent third parties with bad intentions from having easy access to Wi-Fi.

Undoubtedly, a home signal repeater will help us to improve the internet of our WiFi router to play online, connect in videoconferences, watch videos more fluently and will facilitate many other things that we have to do on the internet.

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