How to Make a Light or Lighting Effect in a PowerPoint Presentation? (Example)

If you are a human on this planet, you used PowerPoint at some point in your life. Most likely, this is why you think you have mastered the program perfectly, but in reality you should not know or use 1% of it. With that in mind today you will see How to make a light or lighting effect in a PowerPoint presentation?

And is that, most people do not know even half of the functions and tools that this program hides, because they are only limited to make basic presentations and insert Wordart text, but PowerPoint is much more than that, as you will see below.

What is lighting for?

The first thing you have to know before you can learn the answer to the question How to make a light or lighting effect in a presentation Powerpoint?, is what this effect is for in your work.

Well, basically, what it does is illuminate an element in the presentation, so that it captures the attention of the public who is watching it. For example: if you put it on a graph, you can go animating each element of it with lighting, so that they stand out as you speak.

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This tactic is specialist in draw public attention, since the eyes will fix on the brightest item on the screen, preventing them from being distracted by anything else. However, said animation style is not good with all the elements that you can add to a presentation (although it can be put in most).

Where you can best take advantage of it is in vignettes, images, objects and tables, because they are items of interest that you always have to pay attention to and also usually you will have to stop to talk about them.

How to make a light or lighting effect in a PowerPoint presentation?

Now that you know what it’s for, it’s time to see the process of placing it on a slide (before you start you should know how to use the animation panel and how to adjust animations). The first thing you have to do is select the object to which you want to add the animation, and then go to the tab that leads to NameAnimations”.

In this one, if you have the latest version of PowerPoint, you will only have to look for the effect in the panel that appears on the left side. Will be called “illumination”And will be represented with your name and a yellow star.

If you have an older version or you just can’t find it there, then click on the button in the middle of the bar, whose name is “Add animation”, that will open a pop-up window where you must select “More emphasis options” (It is recommended to update Microsoft Office 2016 to the latest version or a newer to speed up the process).

With this action you will be shown a list of this type of animations, among which is “illumination”, You can choose by clicking on it. With that it will be configured and now you only have to edit how you want it to appear and when.

Effect time

If you’ve done everything right, the effect you wanted should already be added, so the question How to make a light or lighting effect in a PowerPoint presentation? is about to be solved, the only thing you have to do now is set the time in which you want the animation to be shown.

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For that you must click on the object to which you applied the lighting, and then go to the tab “Animations“Once there, look for the” Start “button that appears at the top right.

Within this you can choose three options: click on, which allows the animation to be displayed in the order in which they are in the animation panel on the right (that is, if you have more than one), with the previous ones, this executes the animation at the same time as the one behind you.

And finally, after the previous one, which makes the lighting appear when the one before it ends. With that you already know what it takes to say that the question How to make a light or lighting effect in a PowerPoint presentation? it’s not a problem for you, so the only thing left for you to do is go edit.

As a final tip, you should combine this animation with the effect of writing or typewriter, since both are the perfect duo to turn your presentation professional.

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