How to Make a Loom in Minecraft and How to Use It to Make Banners and Other Fabrics? (Example)

This game is described in the gamer community as one of the most versatile on the market, because it is the one that offers the most free rein to the imagination of each player (and it is also found in several versions on its page, allowing you to choose which one better suit you). It is characterized by granting the power to create almost anything, such as make a loom in Minecraft and use it for various aspects and actions in the game.

What is it and how to make a loom in Minecraft?

A loom is a block or tool that Minecraft offers to make banners or add patterns to them. This tool can be obtained either by manufacturing (crafting) or by finding one previously made within a village and claiming it as yours on the spot (as a tip before continuing, you must update Minecraft to the latest version, for this item to appear).

This block is made up of its basic elements: two (2) planks of wood and two (2) units of string. You don’t need a specific type of wood, so simply pave a tree in the area, which allows you to get what you are looking for almost immediately.

The thread or pieces of string, as expected, can be obtained by means of the spiders that are in the game. If you are lucky, you will not have to wear yourself out fighting with them for a bit of thread, but it will be enough to find spider webs whose final product is the threads (these must be cut with shears, so you should look for how to make a scissors or shears in Minecraft and then continue).

Once everything is stored correctly, go to the “craft table” or “Manufacturing window”. There he places the two units of each collected material where they correspond to make a loom in Minecraft.

minecraft loom interface

And ready! If everything went as planned, you will have obtained a loom by the time you finished crafting, now the next step is to take advantage of it in its maximum splendor to carry out certain actions.

Proper use of the loom: Making banners

Following this order of ideas and with the loom in your possession, place it in front and do “Right click” en the icon that represents it to open a menu or interface belonging to the object where there are three main boxes in the upper left, place of importance.

If you look closely, the loom describes a kind of crafting table for the creation of banners. So specific materials are required to finally successfully manufacture one that you like.

The materials mentioned are nothing more than a banner, tint, and a pattern or banner design. Each unit by itself must be placed in a loom square respectively and in order to opt for several banner models.

The banner can be created on the crafting table thanks to 6 (six) blocks of wool attached to a wooden stick. The color of the canvas will depend essentially on the color of the wool blocks originally.

Now, with the tint and banner designs, you can play around with the range of options offered to come up with a good result. In Minecraft, there are 16 (sixteen) colors for tints that are divided into: 7 (seven) primary and 9 (nine) secondary.

Curious fact

As an additional piece of information, primary colors are born from objects in the game, for example, the color black derives from squid ink. While secondary colors for dyes, they are born from the combination of two or more primary dyes. If you want to know more about this, then look anywhere on the internet how to make or get all the Minecraft dyes, so you can make your banner in any color.

minecraft loom block

It is really easy to make a loom in Minecraft, but obviously you can skip these steps if you have the aforementioned tools in your inventory. If this is the case and as already mentioned, you simply have to join the 3 (three) elements through the loom and ¡BOOM! New banner unlocked and ready to be displayed as decoration or applied directly to a shield. Your time has come!

Once you are done, you can proceed to create more complex tools, such as making a stone cutter in Minecraft, which will help you even more than a decorative banner.

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