How to Make a Match on Tinder for Free – Step by Step

If you have downloaded the Tinder app but are not sure what to do to start flirting, then you have reached the correct post. Today we will explain the basic information you should know about this dating platform that will help you find that special someone. We will talk to you in great detail about what is a match on Tinder and how can you do it.

What does it mean to match someone else on Tinder?

As such Tinder It is an App that allows you to meet people, it offers you to access it through your mobile in a very simple way, you just have to download the app and register.

In short, do match on Tinder It consists of liking the profile of a person that you find attractive and then that person likes your profile. In case this happens you will have the option to speak through a private chat. In addition, the profile of your suitor will be added to the contact list, in this way you can start a conversation easily and quickly.

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However, match on this dating app It is not as simple as it seems. The main reason for this is that no user has the possibility to know if someone has liked their profile or not. But there is the option to give «superlike» and in this case the profile of the user who has given it to you will be shown first in your list.

So, as by having a good understanding of what a Match is, you can start to use the Tinder app Without problems, you will be able to find the love of your life or simply someone with whom to have a good conversation, regardless of the distance that separates them.

profile of match woman on tinder

As you may have noticed, it is not so easy to match on Tinder. But for better or for worse, remember that if there is no match, then you will not be able to start a conversation with anyone. That is why the match is a fundamental requirement in this app to be able to flirt.

How do matches work on Tinder?

It can be a bit difficult to understand or assimilate how the Tinder matches, because these are not very easy to get; First of all, a match in this App allows you to be able to establish contact with one or another person, as we have already said before, the match occurs when two people meet «Like» mutually, which in other words means that you attract him.

How can I match on Tinder without paying?

Do free match on Tinder It is very easy, and you can get more of them if you make your profile attractive and mysterious by placing your best photos, because you will have a better chance of getting a match, this you can do sliding the finger to the right to indicate that the person attracts you, or you can slide your finger to the left if the person does not interest you, if someone likes you you will do match totally free.

Some tricks to match on Tinder that you should know

Next we will give you some tricks that will help you provide many more matches than you think, the first of these tricks and that we really recommend that you do it since this is of the utmost importance so that you can do many match.

First of all, you should not leave your biography blank, since it allows you to show or tell the rest of the Tinder users who you are and what you like to do, this is in order for them to know a little more about you, just take care to fill your Biography with your hobbies and interests always maintaining a positive attitude.

Another of the tricks you can perform is to show your smile, as it represents all your empathy, humility and beauty, highlighting that it helps you increase the chances of matches, just like your photographs, because if you like to run, travel, ski or another activity they will demonstrate it so you will have many more slides on tinder, also remembering that you should always be yourself and become an open book for anyone who wants to meet you.

meet people on tinder

What is the duration of a match on Tinder?

Currently the matches of the App Tinder are unlimited, in other words, they do not have any time limit, but if people stop appearing in your contact list it is not because of you, it may be because they have deleted their account from Tinder or canceled the Match.

Is it possible to delete a match on Tinder that I made by mistake?

An accident can always happen to us with our phones and we may do match with someone we do not want and it may be that we do not know how to eliminate it, calm / a is very easy to do it you just have to go to that person’s chat and select the three dots that are in the upper right corner of the chat, already being there select the alternative «Undo Macht» and ready.

What can I do to get more matches on Tinder?

There are many things you can do to get more matches on TinderThese are very simple and easy to do, the first of them is, expand your area because this platform tries to find people close to your neighborhood, to enlarge your Matches area you just have to go to the configuration of your Tinder profile, search slider bar «Maximum distance» and move it to the right, so you can expand your area to get matches.

Another thing you can do is extend or lengthen the age range, because you will have many more options and more matches, for this you just have to go to the setting of your profile and scroll the bar «Age range» from 20 to 35 years old or with an age with which you feel comfortable, because you can find things in common with people younger or older than you.

Why don’t I get a match on Tinder ?: Top reasons

There are a variety of reasons why you cannot have matches in the Tinder App, and you may not know what they are or why this problem happens, that is why we will let you know the possible reasons why they do not give you match.

For the profile picture

This is one of the main reasons why you don’t have matchesWell, if you don’t show your attractiveness in your profile, you won’t give people confidence. Improve your attractive it’s very easy, you just have to place one real photo and original of your face, showing in it your beautiful smile and your sexy and mysterious look, highlighting that your profile picture It must be the best because it is the main photo that people see.

By description

The description speaks a lot about you and who you are, because that’s where you put the more positive characteristics what do you have, like you hobbies, favorite sports, tastes, among others, in general in this description box you must describe yourself as you are and also the way in which you communicate. You should try to place something that generates confidence to users otherwise people will not have much attention on you.

For the first impression.

You must bear in mind that all conversation is of the utmost importance, as well as the way in which you express yourself or communicate, because when chatting with someone you may cause a bad impression, that is why you should engage in interesting and funny topics, So you can have many more matches and you could even have a date.

Is there a way to know who has liked my profile?

Fortunately for you, the answer to this question is yes; but for this you will have to subscribe to the Tinder service and enter your username. Thus, the people who have access to this service have a number in gold that is at the top of their mobile phones when they open the app, which represents the number of users who have liked it to your Tinder profile.

This is a great advantage, since gold users will be able to access the list of people who have liked them to see their profiles and return the like to make a match. This way it will be much easier the process of initiating multiple conversations with potential suitors.

However, we do not recommend that you pay for the gold service if you have less than 30 people who have liked your profile. Since it is more profitable that you improve your profile to be able to increase the likes much more.

woman and man laughing

What to do if my matches disappear?

This is usually the case because users you matched with, they are not interested and decide to cancel it. They simply do not consider that you meet their expectations and prefer to pass by. This means that they found your profile interesting, but surely they made a match with another user who interested them much more.

However, remember that the more likes you receive, the higher your chances of making a match and therefore you will have a greater chance of starting several conversations.

This is not a cause for concern, since everyone has their personal tastes and it is something that has happened to everyone who uses Tinder Do not take it personally! We are finished for today, if this information has been useful to you, please remember to share it with your contacts through social networks. See you!

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