How to Make a Minimalist Digital Personal Diary in Windows – Quick and Easy (Example)

A personal journal can be an excellent means of remembering our experiences most relevant. Fortunately, there are tools to manage a minimalist digital personal diary from our computer and you can even discover the best applications to write on Android and iOS.

If you wonder How to Make a Minimalist Digital Personal Diary in Windows – Quick and Easy, pay attention to this interesting article.

What is a digital personal diary?

A digital personal diary is a tool that can be created on a computer or mobile device so that anyone can record daily activities, your ideas or thoughts.

A digital personal diary has the advantage of offering the editing option so that we can modify its content at any time and access it quickly. This tool consists of a protection system for the user to define a password and a calendar to select the notes according to the date they were made.

What is a digital personal diary for?

A digital diary is used to write and save notes on experiences, thoughts and ideas by means of a suitable application and an electronic device. The text editor Allows you to modify the wording and return to the previous notes without any problem.

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How to Make a Minimalist Digital Personal Diary in Windows – Quick and Easy

If you want to create a minimalist digital journal in Windows easily and quickly, you can choose to use a traditional editor such as Word so that you can customize or create new text styles or use special software such as “Mini Diary”. Next, we explain what this last application consists of, its usefulness and the procedure to create a diary.

The “Mini Diary” app

“Mini Diary” is a free app which was created under open source. This tool can be used on Windows, Linux and Mac and contains a set of options to store all the ideas you want.

Mini Diary is a program that serves to create and edit a minimalist digital journal. The application has a simple interface that includes a text editor and a calendar to locate the notes that have already been previously created.

Download Mini Diary

To download Mini Diary, you must access the Minidiary App website and locate the program for Windows. Press the “Download” button and wait while the download completes. Then, click on the executable file to be able to use Mini Diary on your computer.

Use Mini Diary to create a personal digital diary

The first time you access Mini Diary you must set a password. With this element you can protect your personal diary which will be saved on the hard drive.

The Mini Diary interface will show you a blank document on the right so you can start writing ideas in your diary. On the left you will find a calendar with all the days of the month. This tool will be very useful to search your notes.

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Mobilize your personal digital diary

it’s possible import or export your journal so you can use it on any computer. You can even choose to save the file in the cloud via OneDrive, Dropbox, among others. Also, you can export your notes by changing the file format to view it from other applications.

Perform text searches

Mini Diary lets you search when you’ve written notes in your personal digital diary. The program also has a statistical function on the texts you have written and the calendar to quickly access specific notes according to their creation date.

Change the appearance of the application

The Mini Diary application provides some options for you to adjust the appearance of the interface according to your preferences. In this sense, you can choose a topic according to a color (light or dark).

It is important to note that Mini Diary presents its resources (the text editor and the calendar) in a minimalist interface to prevent the user from being distracted and losing concentration while writing their diary notes. You can also choose between the best virtual agendas and calendars for Android, in this way, your ideas and tasks will be stored in an organized way on your electronic devices.

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