How to Make a Newspaper Cover Design in Word Easily (Example)

Office automation programs have been truly providential in each and every one of the computers around the world, because facilitate all computer activities related to your work, study and any other type of work, including carrying out the design of a newspaper cover in Word.

To have a true understanding of the potential of this type of program, it is necessary to explore all its options, tools and functions. Reason why, both in person and in a on-line, There is an extraordinary variety of courses of different levels that will facilitate the ability to manage these programs.

Microsoft Word, do what you need

One of the programs that stands out the most in the field of office automation is Microsoft Word. Without a doubt, it’s about one of the most complete word processors that exist on the market, like the rest of the programs that make up the Microsoft Office suite.

Word is one of those programs that, just when you might think that you had already explored all the options and tools (including document translation) that this application puts at your disposal, small details come to light that make a big difference.

Discover what you are capable of

What is most striking about this program is the amount of things you can do with it. Not only is he a specialist for reports and any other type of written work, but he has design tools that would even help you design covers worthy of a newspaper or magazine.

Microsoft Word

If you are reading this, it is because that is precisely your goal. Through a short series of instructions, you will discover how easy it can be design a cover for a newspaper using Microsoft Word tools.

What do you need to design the cover?

Before starting, it is important that you are very clear about the elements to insert on this cover: titles, images and other types of content that you want to include. So, when reading the instructions, making a newspaper cover design in Word is much easier and faster than you think.

The rest will be a matter of adjust font types and sizes that you are going to use so that your cover looks just as you were thinking of it.

The guidelines to follow

design the cover

At this point, run Microsoft Word on your computer and create a new blank document. Select the type of sheet of your choice and start using Word tools to shape your project:

  • Set the margins for your cover. There are no specific measures, everything will depend on the content you want to implement, so feel free to adapt it based on your needs.
  • The “Insert” tab in the Word tool ribbon will be essential for the development of your cover.
    • By means of the “Image” option, you will attach all those photographs that are on your computer.
    • However, Word also gives you the opportunity to search for images online.
    • Once the image is inserted, use all the tools in Word to expand and reduce the image. In the same way, you can rotate and crop the images or edit it in terms of brightness, contrasts, among others.
  • Finished with the image, proceed to click on the option “Text box”, which will help you locate the header and other text that will be part of the front page of the newspaper.
  • Use the tools of bold, italic, indentation, and line spacing so that all the text fits in the best way to your cover.

Are you ready to try it?

With these simple guidelines, you just lack enthusiasm, patience and a lot of desire to start create a newspaper cover design in Word Show everything you are capable of, using a tool so simple, but at the same time so complete, such as Microsoft Word.

What are you waiting for? Put this amazing and extraordinary new knowledge to work on one of the most comprehensive word processors on the market.

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