How to Make a Pivot Table in Excel Update Automatically (Example)

A spreadsheet, for those who do not know one, is a tool that is extremely useful in different situations due to all the uses that it can be given.

If you need work some math formulas, this will be perfect for you; If you need to count the expenses of the week, this will be perfect for you; and it will do for basically anything that involves numbers and their display.

Certainly, there are several spreadsheets to choose from so that you can feel much more comfortable than others, but if you want to hear from one that will surely keep you satisfied, it must be Excel. Is Microsoft Office spreadsheet, It is famous not only for how comfortable it is to use, but for all the options that are available for its use.

Among these options is the use of pivot tables, a table that allows you to view a series of data more comfortably. But, due to how a pivot table works, you may be struck by being able to have it automatically updated, and that is why we show it to you below.

What is a pivot table?

If you have one large amount of data, whether it is in another spreadsheet or in a database, you may be interested in being able to group them to see them in a simpler way.

This is possible thanks to the use of dynamic tables, which consist of a kind of table that has these data in rows and columns to be able to process a large amount of them more easily.

user create tables

With these tables, you can give a highly ordered format to the data we have, to the point of having an exact accounting of them, and if you use Excel for this data, you will have the opportunity to make dynamic tables with graphics.

How to automatically update a pivot table?

Because of how a pivot table works, and how more data can be added to it in bulk, it is important to have all the formatting of the table, as well as the duly updated data. This can be done manually, but it is always better to do it automatically, to get all the work done faster.

It is possible to update all this data every time you have the Excel file that has the pivot table, which is quite simple. If you have one of the most recent versions of Excel, you just have to go to the top, where the Pivot Table Tools‘then having clicked on the pivot table for these options to appear.

update dynamic tables

Now, just click on ‘Analyze’ within the pivot table options and then on the ‘Options’ tab, where you will have to enter the’ Data ‘menu to click inside the’ box.Update data on file open‘, and all update work will be done automatically each time the file is opened, including custom calculations from the tables.

Updating the pivot table automatically in Office 2010 or Web

Update your pivot table in other versions of Excel, or in the online version of Excel, it may turn out to be a little different. In the case of the Office 2010 version, it really is the same process as the newer versions, so there is not much to worry about.

On the other hand, if you are one of those who like to use the online version of Excel, unfortunately you cannot automatically update the pivot tables. All you can do is update table manually, by clicking anywhere in the table and then on the option at the top that says ‘Update’.

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