How to Make a Power of Attorney Letter for Procedures as a Legal Representative – Simple Example

Currently most of the things we used to do can be done by someone else, with our consent, due to the fact of having an impediment to do it ourselves, such as a disease, or simply because we do not want to. For these situations, an attorney or legal representative is appointed, either a lawyer or a trusted person.

Must be be extremely detailed at the time of preparing a power of attorney letter, as it will be able to act in situations such as registering the insured or pensioner as a beneficiary, and if the person to whom it assigns is not trusted, it may end up harmed in some way.

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What is a power of attorney? Types of power of attorney

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Explained in the simplest way, a power of attorney is a public document where a legal or natural person, under the acceptance of a notary, authorize another person to act and represent you in certain situations, either, materials or legal acts.

There are several types of power of attorney. We have the general power, is used when the owner assigns to another person all his attributions and capacities to the point of allowing him the sale of goods and real estate, and the function of a real estate or real estate administrator is to ensure that the buyer is legally appointed to exercise power in this situation.

The power of attorney, that is, for dispute or altercations. This is drawn up in the name of another person to represent the affected person when necessary. The power to manage assetsWhen the person assigned can control the owner’s assets, actions such as the mortgage and the sale are excluded.

The power of attorney can be valid outside the country if required. And for this you need an annotation about the power of attorney, which validates and corroborates that the information it transmits is legitimate. This power of attorney can be requested by anyone of legal age and fully aware of their actions.

How to make a letter of power of attorney for procedures as a legal representative?

The power of attorney can be delegated by a person or a company, it is granted to another person with their full consent, since it is a power of attorney, It’s one of the most important, as it implies giving your name so that another person acts in certain situations or performs certain actions on your behalf with your consent, this implies attending a notary’s office.

To prepare a power of attorney it is extremely important to capture in it absolutely all your personal data, so that it is completely identified and the same with the data of the person to whom the power of attorney is going to be assigned.

In case of being several people assigned to act on behalf of another, it must be described if the power is assigned to them to take the joint decision or if each one can act by way of individual.

These are called joint power and solidarity power. However, a power of attorney can be elaborated in which certain important acts have to be carried out with the consent of all and other simpler ones if they can act individually.

The next is make clear the faculty or faculties assigned to you to the person or persons who will be responsible. It should be noted that details such as date, place and duration of the power of attorney also play an important role in the writing of a power of attorney letter.

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Basically a legal representative is the one who acts and assumes the responsibilities of another person and it is recognized before the law in this way.

If the represented person is a natural person, the assignment of a legal representative must be done by means of a notarized power of attorney and is described as an attorney-in-fact, he may be in charge of procedures such as locating a deed of your property to obtain a copy if there is one. lost for example or activities just as complexs. In the case of being a company or legal person, it is described as a legal representative.

He may defend, represent, advocate or perform acts on behalf of another person who has consciously decided to do so. We can designate them to be our legal representative, a lawyer, a professional association, a person of extreme confidence, and even ourselves, in certain cases. as long as the law allows it.

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