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Create quality content It has become an important task in the digital world, in this world of the internet there is a lot of information even for all types of readers depending on their interests.

But if you make quality content there are many the people who will return to the website. In the same way, if you offer a product or service you must opt ​​for a good name for that reason there are brand name generators for products.

In this sense, the aesthetic field is important visually, a good organization and advertising on social networks is what currently moves enterprises, the digital age is here to stay and to offer multiple help tools for people starting their online store. Likewise, if we don’t have a good presentation, we will hardly attract people.

Another important point is the prices, it has been very controversial to know whether or not to set prices or with what tools to help us. The first thing we have to take into account is that the main thing that matters to the client After seeing what you sell is the price in some way to know if they can get it or not with the money they have at the moment.

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Content manager – WordPress

The main objective of a person who generates content is to capture users day by day, is to surrender and use Digital Marketing, something so important today. Most of the people nowadays use the internet, with the advances every day there are more people who buy, inform and create content In Internet.

WordPress is fair a content creation system And it has been around for more than 10 years, on this platform the content appears in chronological order from the oldest to the most recent, it allows you to create a web page with WordPress, maintain a blog, even another type of web page.

Another thing that you can create in WordPress they are online stores, digital newspapers, and many more. Previously, most thought that this platform was only for blogs, but the truth is that if you generate content here there are many options according to your interests.

How to make a price table with Divi for WordPress

What allows you Divi’s pricing table is to share in the form of a table the prices you need and also if you need to place the characteristics you can also do it by this means. To make the price table you must go to the content option and add a table then proceed in the text option and place all the information regarding the plans of your product or service

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Later you put a title and a subtitle. In currency you will place the monetary symbol that your product will take and you can include the time it will take with that rate. Then you are going to place the price of the product, and in content you will place the characteristics of what is offered per line and you can add a link if you want and a background if you want in another color

You can in the same way edit its design, its separation and even custom margin, the edges and the shadows to your preference. An important piece of information is its visibility, as it allows you to see if it is viewed on a phone, tablet, or desktop. In this way you will have your price table for WordPress finished for more help on your platform.

Highlight a product from the Divi pricing table

A very interesting option that the price table has is the to be able to highlight a product, that among the others this one stands out. To put this option into use, we must enter the product and in the design tab, click on the option to highlight this table.

Another way to make it stand out even more is add a shadow to the entire product Because in this way it will make it seem that this product is above the others that are available in the table, to activate this option in the design tab of the product you activate the shadow of the house.

It is important to invest time and dedication when making these tables, getting the right words and a good combination will be very helpful. With all the options you can create a really striking table.

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