How to Make a Progress Bar or Timer in PowerPoint

Windows operating systems offer us a varied amount of office tools to be able to carry out our professional or study projects. In this case we are going to talk about PowerPoint, with which we can make beautiful presentations. In this article we are going to show you the steps you must follow to make a progress bar or timer in PowerPoint.

powerpoint progress bar

There are many options to which we can resort so that our presentations have a more interesting and fun touch.

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In this way we can catch our audience and one of this is to make a progress bar or timer. This can be animated on screen, with a progressive or countdown count, everything will depend on your taste.

The versatility and functions offered by the PowerPoint office tool allows us to include it in our presentations.

Animations, videos, photos, audios, in short, everything that makes it more attractive and enjoyable. We could see this in the article that taught you in a didactic way how to make yourself a collage of photos with music in PowerPoint.

How to make a progress bar or timer in PowerPoint

Add a progress bar, timer, or timer to your presentation PowerPoint, It will let the viewer know when the next slide to enter the scene. This is a very simple procedure to perform and in a few steps you can include it, then we will show you how to include a accountant Countdown in one-second intervals from 5 to 1.

The first thing we must do is create several text boxes, to add numbers to the slides, in our case they will be 5 and each box will have a number from 1 to 5. They will have an animation, which will allow them to disappear one by one and this in 1 second intervals. To do this we will go to the Insert tab in the top menu and select the Text Box option.

Steps to make a progress bar or timer in PowerPoint

Make the drawing of the text box on the slide and then write the number, if you prefer you can use the copy and paste option to make the other boxes and then modify it. The next step is click the text box, then you go to the Animations tab then you go to the Advanced Animation group.

Then you must click on the Add animation option, you will be shown different options that you can choose to offer an effect to the accountant. The next step is to choose the rest of the text boxes and apply the same animation that you chose in the first box. This process must be carried out with each frame individually.

Now go to the Animations tab, then Animation Panel, you will be able to see in it, the numbering of the text boxes. Perhaps the order that you can see confuses you a bit, so you should look for the number of each slide on the right side. Our mission is that frame number 5 starts when you click and lasts for 1 second.

Then it disappears and the next box with the number 4 appears and so on until reaching 1. Then, we are going to choose the box with the number 5, then Animation group, then Interval. You must leave the Start configuration you must choose when you click, and in Duration you must place .01 and in the Delay option you must choose 01.00 seconds.

time counter powerpoint

The next step is to choose the rest of the numbered boxes from the Animation Panel, but in the following options as Start you must choose After the above.

In the Duration option you must choose Automatic and in the Delay option you must enter 01:00. To finish and see how your presentation has been, you must choose slide show mode.

Then you must click on the option Play the current slide, in this way you will see how the progress bar or timer in PowerPoint. Where we have shown you in this example how to do it backwards. But the way you choose will depend on you and your imagination.

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