How to Make a Realistic Shower and Bathtub in Minecraft for Your Bathroom

Many of the Minecraft players like to build modern houses, they make beautiful rooms with minimalist objects and exclusive materials. Many of these players use mods that make their life in Minecraft easier.

Do you want to know how to modernize your house in Minecraft? Would you like to decorate your home with a more realistic bathroom and you don’t know how to do it? You will be glad to know that in this little guide that we bring you, you will not need to install no mod to make it.

We recommend playing in creative mode so that you have the necessary materials to build your bathroom, otherwise you will have to do a journey to the nether to get the quartz or failing that. You can learn to switch from survival to creative mode in Minecraft.

How to make a realistic shower?

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To create this shower you will not need any mod, so you will not have to download anything but you can build it with the materials you have collected.

The size of that bathtub will be 4 x 3so if you are going to build it inside your house, make sure you have enough space. You can make a wall of 4 blocks of the slab that you like the most and one of 3, the rest you can fill with glass panels. You can also make an amazing modern concrete house in Minecraft

Now in the center of the wall that measures 4 blocks you must place the lever, and the block that remains on the left side you must remove. On the other side, on the side of the wall next to the empty space of the block that you removed, you should make a small square with wooden blocks.

On the block of wood that is closest to the empty space, you should place the repeater or comparator of Redstone that is facing that direction, you will light the torch and have to put Redstone dust to surround it.

Now you must make a small staircase next to this square that you made, with two steps and make a trail of 4 blocks with Redstone until you reach the ceiling of the shower that will be composed of a 4 x 3 square of wood and leaving the center square empty.

You must place on the right side of the hole in the center, a wooden block as support, now from the bottom you must look up and next to that block place the dispenser and then a slab so that it cannot be seen from the shower.

Now you can remove the support block and leave the dispenser alone. You must get the Redstone to reach that block for it to work dispensing water.

Now you must put, while crouching, a hopper that is pointing next to the dispenser and even being crouched you must put a large chest on the dispenser and the hopper that is where you will put the blue water potions or any blue potion, and in the part below you must place another hopper to work as drain or drain. In case you play survival you can learn how to make all Minecraft potions.

And you will only have to decorate the shower to your liking and when you move the lever the water that you stored in the chest will come out as if it were a normal shower.

How to make a realistic bathtub?

realistic bathtub on grass in minecraftFor the bathtub you will need blocks of quartz, this material is perfect for making a bathtub because it will give the impression of a more realistic bathroom.

The size will be 5 x 5, so the three blocks in the middle should be buried, and those in the corners should stick out. In one of the protruding blocks, you must dig to the center of the bathtub and place Redstone and a button on top of the block.

Next to the protruding blocks you should place quartz steps. On every line or wallWhatever you want to call it, you must place the back steps to the protruding block and in the center block a front step to make it look like a piece of furniture.

In the middle of the bathtub you should place a dispenserRemember that the Redstone must reach this dispenser, and the rest of the floor must be filled with quartz.

You should find a bucket of water and place it in the dispenser. You can put a wooden wall as the back of the bathtub and you can decorate it to your liking. And voila, every time press the button, your bathtub will fill with water and you can remove the water by pressing the same button. And so as not to lose all the hard work that construction has taken you, you can learn to cheat to defend your house in Minecraft.

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