How to Make a Redstone Repeater and Comparator in Minecraft? – Step by Step (Example)

Minecraft has always been a great game, and with each update it gets better (you can download all of them from their website). This was demonstrated by inserting the redstone tools, which allow players to create more complex power connections in the game. For the latter is that today You will learn how to make a redstone repeater and comparator in Minecraft.

And it is that the redstone is the source of Minecraft’s energy (such as electricity), since with it it is that the connections are created that allow the operation of various objects such as the propulsion, acceleration or speed rails, and the dispenser or dispenser automatic. So learning all its functions is essential to play well.

Make a redstone repeater and comparator in Minecraft

Before starting your learning, you should take into account that the two objects mentioned in the title, although they are similar, they do not work for the same, They are not made with the same materials (although they do resemble each other), so to go in order you will first learn how to make the repeater.

The materials necessary for its elaboration They are: three stone, one redstone ore, and two redstone torches. You get the stone all over the world, however, you should not use the one you get by default when chopping.

You must first pass it through the oven so that it returns to its natural state before chopping it. In the case of redstone ore, it is achieved by mincing the block of the same name with a metal pick (the others do not work). You can find this block in the deeper caverns.

minecraft paintings

And finally the torches are made with a redstone mineral on a stick (on a work table). With the above you have everything you need, now you must go to a work table and place the objects in the following way:

In the second row, place a torch in the first square followed by a redstone ore and then another torch, in the third row place the three stones in each square. When you have finished, your repeater will come out and you will be one step closer to answering the question How to make a redstone repeater and comparator in Minecraft?

Redstone comparator

If what you want is to make a repeater the materials you will need They will be the following: three stones, three redstone torches and a piece or piece of quartz. The first two materials are obtained the same as in the previous process, but quartz is a bit more complicated (it is recommended to update Minecraft to the latest version if you want to get it easier). To obtain it you must travel to the nether and chop a quartz ore (it is a red square with white spots inside), this block must be passed through the oven so that you can get the piece you need.

Once you have obtained everything that has been requested, you can answer the question How to make a redstone repeater and comparator in Minecraft? go back to the artboard and place the materials like this:

In the first row in box number two there is a redstone torch, in the second row there is first a redstone torch then the piece of quartz and then another torch and finally in the third row there are the three stones. Once again at the end, the object will appear.

Functions of both objects

In the case of the repeater, it serves the same purpose as its name says, it repeats the redstone signal allowing it to cover more than the sixteen frames it always covers (it increases the power to fifteen more frames). What’s more, It has a useful lever that allows the signal to be delayed.

Comparators can also act as diode-like repeaters, but in the same way they have other functions such as acting as capacitors, such as opposite inputs, among others.

piston and redstone

Basically both will work depending on the circuit you want to do, so it’s up to you to put your imagination into the process. And with that last you already know how to make a redstone repeater and comparator in Minecraft, so you can go to the game and start enjoying your new knowledge, so that you can achieve constructions like an automatic fishing farm in Minecraft.

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