How to Make a Rein or a bow in Minecraft – Crafting Rein

Videogames are each their own universe, with their different stories, characters and even mythologies that take over the entire place to immerse us in their environment. In general, a video game will have lots of these aspects to make us feel that we are there, or that we are the character, or at least to give us different objects or things with which to interact throughout the story.

This does not always include weapons or swords that make us more powerful, or objects that make us look different; since sometimes simply with objects with which we can carry out certain activities or facilitate others.

In the case of Minecraft, we have loads of these objects, and although none of them are particularly important to be able to progress with the story and everything we do, we must bear in mind that most of these give us more activities to do in the world that we have created.

Some of these objects help us to go to other worlds, to know certain species of fauna better, to change the time and even to create objects that we would not even imagine, which falls within one of the main attractions of Minecraft: the experimentation we gain and the exploration of everything we see.

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The fact that Minecraft is presented to us as a universe that we can explore, feel, detail and know in depth is something quite unique among many video games. Certainly there are games that can do things similar to Minecraft, like Terraria, but the way the first one does it is quite particular.

We can see this in the way the player interacts with the animal farm and others that make the experience quite special, such as with the reins. And, if you don’t play Minecraft and have never heard of the reins, you can read below everything you need to know about them.

What are the reins?

The reins, or lasso, it is an object that can be created in Minecraft from a simple work table, and as you can imagine, they are used to tie certain passive and utility mobs and guide them as we want. And, although at first, many believed that they could only be used with horses, the reality is very different from that.

Truth be told, we can use the reins on just about any animal we see, including certain aggressive mobs like zoglins. And, once we have tied with the reins to that mob, we can take it to the place we want and keep it tied on a pole. So if you have a reins and want to put them on something, you can even deal with the birds you see in the jungle biome or even the squid in the sea.

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How can I create reins?

If you want to start taking your horses, cows, mules or strider to another place, you can start creating reins and thus be able to take them wherever you want. You can do this even with polar bears from the snow biome, but you will need some materials to be able to create a rein. You will need to four strands and a ball of slimeTaking into account that from these materials you can create two reins, so you can make several if you have the need.

Once you have the materials in hand, you should go to a work table and put the slime ball in the middle box, then you will put a thread in the lower right corner, in the upper left corner, in the upper box and in the left box. Now, you can see how you can get two reins from the work table that you can use whenever you want.

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