How to Make a Scatter Plot or Chart in an Excel Spreadsheet

If there is something that should be essential throughout the integral formation of a person, it is to know handle Excel tools. And not only to know how to make a graph, we refer to all the possible functions that are within the scope of the possibilities to learn. Either in its installed version or in its online version, where you can easily create spreadsheets.

In Excel the possibilities are multi-faceted, such as advanced line graphs, or intermediate aspects such as dual axis graphs, but covering all aspects in these very modest lines cannot be possible, so we are going to focus on a particular topic.

We talk of course about how make a scatter plot or chart on a spreadsheet Excel. And for this we are going to break it down below.

Conceptualization of the chart or scatter diagram

Much can be said on this subject, but it will be necessary to adhere to the mathematical field in order to give a correct conceptualization. The element consists of two words, graph and the word dispersion.

create a scatter plot using excel

Now the graph will be a representation on a Cartesian coordinate axis where different values ​​are going to be reflected for their study and / or analysis, for its part the so-called dispersion, refers to the degree to which values ​​are distanced in sets, but valued according to their average value.

From where it is analyzed, that a scatter plot will be a representation of two variables, within a Cartesian graph, where a conglomerate of data is going to be analyzed, which are similar to each other by a common point.

To create a scatter chart or diagram in Excel

Excel is famous for greatly facilitating the work of users, that is why we refer at the beginning to the importance of knowing how to use its tools, being able to do or create a chart or scatter plot on a spreadsheet In Excel, it will be extremely simple, since Excel already has everything pre-configured by just adding information.

In the first instance, Excel must be opened to have access to your spreadsheet. At the top in the data table space, in the “insert” section, we are going to press.

scatter plot in excel

We are going to refer to the space devoted to graphics, there you will see their category, distributed according to the functions to be carried out, we will choose one within the space that says “dispersion”. It can be chosen with the style of lines or the style of markers.

Once chosen, the interface will show model that has just been selected, which is going to insert it into the spreadsheet, for editing.

The respective edition of the scatter graph is at the discretion and need of the Internet user who is preparing it. Excel is extremely easy to handle, since it only remains for the user, fill in the chart with the information you have.

How to put together a correct graph or scatter diagram, to represent it with the graphical tools of Excel?

As you referred, in the Excel spreadsheet, it is attached a scatter plot predesigned by Excel to only be filled by the user, now, we must know what values ​​to append and the details to consider.

In the first instance, it is to clarify the relationship between the two variables, which will be represented on the “X” and “Y” axes.

The values ​​of the variables must be determined, it is crucial that both values ​​to be compared are connected with the mutual temporal reality, that is, that their values they are both from the same date to compare.

The variable must be positioned in the precise place, in general measures, the independent variable, maps to the Cartesian axis of “X”.

The determination of the correlation coefficient will be the one who shapes or molds the interaction between variables on the Cartesian axis, luckily Excel takes care of all this. And we just have to apply and run the tools requested through the interface.

That’s how easy it is to make a diagram or scatter chart in an Excel spreadsheet. Well, as it has been made clear, it is one of the many charts that can be created using the great tool that is Excel. In this way, it is not necessary to perform calculations, just enter the values ​​and that’s it.

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