How to Make a Short Cover Letter for Mercadona or another Supermarket without Experience

Although having experience is important for any job, they can be done letters when you have no experience. They must have some characteristics that help to find the worker with greater security.

In the case of Mercadona or another supermarket, addressing issues related to youth experiences, can help. Its writing is simple and here you will be able to know what you need to reflect in the presentation letter.

Thus, little by little, you will be able to ascend in Mercadona to be a coordinator, taking into account the experience that you acquire once you enter. The training you will get is important, so it can help you get jobs of the same class.

Process to make a short cover letter for Mercadona or another supermarket without experience

When you are going to start writing a presentation letter It is important to explain why it is sent in the curriculum to the job offer. It should be taken into account to reflect the motivation or enthusiasm for the position, as this helps a lot.

If you do not have work experience, expressing your motivation means that the person presenting the letter is taken into account as an applicant. On Mercadona or other supermarkets they take this as the main indication of requiring a steady job.

Keep in mind that the cover letter is a curriculum companion, exposing the skills you have to work. There is a web page where you can find vacant positions at Mercadona at all times.

Thus, it can be placed in the presentation letter the position you aspire to have, showing the skills you think you have. It is important to bear in mind that they must be related to the position, otherwise the job cannot be obtained.

required job skills

In the letter you should try to give an idea of ​​the skills that you can have at a professional level. If you do not have work experience, you must take into account the year in which you had the degree of study you have.

Knowing the foundation and origin of Mercadona or the supermarket in which you aspire to enter is essential. All the writing must be adapted to the position you want to have and presented in a basic way in a summary of a sheet.

It must be multigraphed and its data must agree with what is exposed in the curriculum. If any data is found that does not match, the request may be rejected immediately inside Mercadona or another supermarket.

Structure of a short cover letter for Mercadona

Before starting to write the letter, it is recommended to be clear about what you want develop work experience in the company. Based on this, a long-term vision can be projected within Mercadona.

The presentation and distribution of the letter must be orderly, avoiding that the main ideas are left out, using this structure:


At this stage you should use words that arouse the interest of the reader, explaining the reason for the letter. It is recommended to establish a clear and simple text, describing the most outstanding at a professional level.

cover letter writing

Thus, both in the letter and in the curriculum, it must be explained if it is being recommended by someone for the job position. This may help to enter more easily if you are inexperienced.

Content of the letter

This stage is based on captivate the reader and recruiter, establishing how it can be of importance to the company. The style must be personalized and not generic, mentioning what is known from Merecadona.

This can be in a third paragraph, describing if there are known projects such as buying or ordering online at Mercadona. There it is explained in which establishment you want to work, saying if it is possible move to another province or not.

It is recommended do not ask how much is the payment nor use expressions that show disinterest in a job position. The degrees you have or some experience, no matter how minimal, should be written.


This final stage of the letter should give a cordial dismissal, thanking the reading time. The company can be invited to meet you In an interview, indicating the time available for it.

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