How to Make a Sketch or Plan of a House in Word in a Simple Way

Sketch a house in Word It is a very entertaining activity, especially for lovers of design. To make a plan in a tool like Word, a lot of creativity is needed, and a little knowledge about the tools of this simple software.

If you want to make a sketch of a house with Word tools, here we will explain how you can start to do it, as well as we will tell you the ways and tools you can use in it. Keep reading so that you inform yourself well, and you can make a good sketch in Word.

How to make a sketch or plan of a house in Word in a simple way?

The first thing you should do is enter Word, you can do it from the mobile application, but it is recommended enter from a computer for this type of work. Once inside Word, the beauty of the design begins.

For convenience, you should change the orientation of the worksheet to landscape in Word; so you will have one broader vision of the project or sketch that you are going to do.

Then you have to make a grid sheet that will serve as the basis for your plan of a house, and also serve as a kind of frame of reference in size proportions of all rooms.

The next step is to click on ‘Insert’ and then on ‘Shapes’, you have to choose rectangles for convenience, to make the rooms and delimit all the spaces of the house.

Then, once you have the plan by compartments, you have to select the whole set of shapes. This is done with the purpose of grouping each element and then enlarge or reduce the sketch proportionally.

make a flat sketch of a house in word

The next step is to make windows, which is a bit tedious but at the same time quite entertaining, just like the doors. You can do it with a little dedication.

How to add windows and doors to rooms in a sketch in Word?

If you want to take the time to make a sketch in Word, you can use the add doors and windows to rooms of a plan of any house. The sketch will be better prepared and in the end it will be worth the effort.

To add windows and doors in the process of making a sketchYou just have to go back to ‘Insert’, then click on ‘Shapes’, and this time select the so-called frames that will make doors and the terminators¸ that you will end up using as windows.

Once the doors and windows are inserted, you have to start give some contrast and essence to the sketch. We refer to putting colors on the ‘walls’ of the rooms, you can put color in the same way as it is done with the cells of a table.

This process consists of taking each of the shapes and going individually to the ‘Contour fill’ option; here you will have a wide range of colors to play with them.

After the walls, the most congruent thing is to apply this same process for the floor or floor of the rooms of the house, choosing the colors that most closely resemble the real ones.

How to add color to the floors of the rooms in a sketch, and other details?

To color the floors of each room in the process of making a sketch of a house in Word, you have to look in the range of colors for the option ‘Texture’; in this way you can put a ceramic or tile look, as well as establishing a textured green for the green areas of the house.

This process can also be applied in the case of a pool, looking for a textured blue that generates a shiny water appearance.

sketch in word in a simple way

And finally, to give more reality to the sketch or plan of a house in Word, you should look for images on the internet with a view ‘from above’ to download them and paste them on the map.

These images can be furniture, appliances, musical instruments, among others. You must apply the option of ‘Adjust’ and mark in ‘Adjustments behind the text’; Finally, you just have to cut them out and click on the option to remove background to take it to its place on the plane. And so with any object, always with great dedication.

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